What’s Step 1?

I was originally going to write this post about finding the first step of wedding planning.  But… it makes more sense to start with what’s actually step zero of wedding planning – getting engaged!

I’m almost positive that every girl has dreamed at least once about the perfect proposal.  If you haven’t, then you clearly haven’t been on Pinterest.  Like many women, I too once sighed and dreamed about how amazing my proposal might be.  I even went so far as to daydream about Mr. Whale booking a secret photographer to take pictures of the proposal.

Have you ever seen something so disgustingly cute? (Image from Marry This! / Image by Shay Stephens)

But of course, I didn’t fall in love with the type of guy who would think of doing such a thing.  I fell in love with a guy who is so bad at planning that he consistently runs out of breakfast cereal, because even after thirty-plus years of eating breakfast, he can’t figure out how much cereal he’s going to go through in a week.  And he’s supposed to plan a romantic proposal?  Not a chance.

Knowing how hilariously bad at planning he is, I knew I had to make some compromises with respect to our engagement.  For at least a year, I knew that the proposal was coming eventually.  We had discussed marriage in that giddy “I-know-you’re-the-one-but-it’s-not-official-yet” way for a while.  But I was pretty sure that unless I let him know that it didn’t have to be a big event, he would just never get around to doing it.

What worried me the most was the ring.  That ring is a BIG part of the proposal planning process (accidental alliteration, anyone?).  I had two desires for my engagement.  I wanted a beautiful ring (duh).  But simultaneously, I wanted to be surprised by the proposal.  (It’s so hard to surprise me.  I figure it out EVERY time, even when I’m not trying.)  I wanted my face to look like this when he proposed.

Image from Mom Gets a Life / Image by CBS Entertainment

So I definitely did not want to go ring shopping and then know that a proposal would be coming soon, because the surprise would be ruined.  And so, I eventually  just had to make a compromise in my mind.  I decided that I didn’t need a ring for the proposal to be special.

That did the trick!  I wasn’t stressed out about what ring he would pick (or whether we would ever get married).  And he wasn’t stressed about trying to plan some super special proposal!  And he proposed!! Yay! (More on that next time.)

Did anyone else have a ringless proposal?  Was it still wonderful?


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