Bring on the Sparkly!

Being engaged is great.  There’s nothing better than knowing that the person you are head over heels in love with feels exactly the same way about you!  And if I ever forget that during the day, all it takes is seeing a little hint of sparkle out of the corner of my eye, and my ring reminds me all over again how awesome my life is.

I love my ring.  It suits me, and I think it’s beautiful.  That’s probably because I picked it out!  After Mr. Whale’s proposal, he asked me, “Do you think we can wait a month or two to buy a ring?”

(Long pause.)


When I finally pulled myself together, I reminded him that he shouldn’t have proposed unless he was prepared to get a ring.  Because he’s so awesome, he basically just replied with, “Oh, ok.”

Luckily for him, I had no intention of spending big bucks on an engagement ring.  I have expensive taste, but I would be terrified to wear something on my finger than cost more than… maybe two-hundred dollars.  I’m a big QVC shopper. (Quality. Value. Convenience.  Yeah, I’m a big enough fan to know what the letters stand for.)  If you’ve ever watched, you’ve seen Diamonique.  I don’t actually have a clue what it is, but man is it beautiful.  I already had a pair of Tacori Diamonique earrings, and they are my go-to fancy earrings.

So I started browsing the site.  And I eventually found two rings that I really loved.

QVC J9602 (Image from QVC)

QVC J304019 (Image from QVC)

I couldn’t decide.  So… we ordered them both!  When they arrived a few days later, I tore the package open before I even got our apartment door open.  And I was practically blinded by the sparkle!!  Both rings are about fifty times more beautiful in person than on the website.  They truly do sparkle like real diamonds.

I held on to each for about two weeks, but I was pretty sure I knew which one I loved.  Mr. Whale’s favorite was the top ring, but I fell in love with the second.  The band is very thin and delicate.  And it looks almost vintage.  It’s so gorgeous.

And for $67, I could buy a new one every year for the next fifty years and spend less than what this ring would cost with a real diamond! 🙂  If anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to diamonds, I highly recommend looking at QVC.  The stones themselves have a lifetime warranty, so if it scratches, you get a new one.  And when I tell people that my ring isn’t a diamond, they are seriously blown away.  You would never know it’s not the real thing.

Has anyone else decided to go with a non-diamond ring?  What made you choose it instead of a diamond?  Do you love your ring?


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