Bridesmaid Barbie

When I first got engaged and asked my favorite ladies to be my bridesmaids, the first question they asked was, “Are we going to have to wear bright-colored 80s dresses?”

If someone was to try and describe my sense of style, the words “understated”, “neutrals”, and “romantic” would most definitely not be used.  I love bright, vibrant colors.  I like polka dots and bold stripes.  Glitter is my best friend.

And I see no reason for my wedding to be any different!

BUT, I have to remind myself that my bridesmaids are not dolls that I get to play with and dress however I like.  If they were, they would totally be wearing colored tights or colored petticoats, because I think those things are awesome.  They would look exactly like this:

I would totally rock this look. My bridesmaids? Not so much… (Want this look for yourself? StaysiLee sells them on Etsy!) Image by Josh and Jen Photography

Aaaaaah!  Isn’t it amazing?  I want every single dress in that picture!

But as much as I love this look, I’m not going to have my bridesmaids wear dresses like these.  Why not?  Maybe I’m weird (okay, I know I am, but that’s beside the point), but when I’m with my bridesmaids at my wedding, I will be looking at my four best friends in the whole world.  And I want them to look like themselves, not some weird version of themselves that’s kind of like me.  So even if these dresses would fit perfectly with my personality and my wedding “theme”, I feel like I wouldn’t recognize my bridesmaids if they wore dresses like this.

Anyone have any similar situations with their bridesmaids?  Do you think I should have them wear my style of dresses anyway??



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