I Wanna Dance with Somebody!

There will be dancing at my wedding.  Even if I’m the only one on the dance floor, dancing will be happening.   And while I’m proud to say that I once won a dance-off at a kind of awkward bar in Mississippi, my dance moves really aren’t all that spectacular.  So in order to guarantee that others will be jamming out with me, we’re getting a band!!

I used to think that having a wedding band was a weird idea.  That’s probably because I had only seen wedding bands in the movie “The Wedding Singer”.  Why would I think an Adam Sandler movie was depicting real life?  I have no idea.  But I thought wedding bands were probably terrible.

Image from IMDB and the movie The Wedding Singer

I maintained this opinion until I actually attended a wedding with a band a few years ago, and I had a BLAST!  I was dancing the entire night, and everyone seemed to be having an awesome time.  Not only did I overcome my assumption that wedding bands were terrible, I decided that I wanted one!  Luckily, Mr. Whale is also completely into music and also has a weird vendetta against DJ’s, so he has been 100% on board with this idea since day one of wedding planning.  Yeah!!

If you remember that our budget is $10,000, I bet you’re wondering, “Ummmm, how are they going to afford a band that isn’t reminiscent of ‘The Wedding Singer’?”  Yeah, we got a little worried about that too.  We had always had in mind this AWESOME 70s and 80s cover band based out of Memphis (We know someone in the band, so we’ve seen them several times).  I like to say that they’re my favorite band. (I’m only kind of joking. I love 80s music.)

My favorite band!!! (Image from Doctor Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster)

I know that after seeing this picture, you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind.  But seriously, these guys rock.  They put on the most fun show of all time.  And the guys are ridiculously talented!  They will blow your mind.  Unfortunately, they would also blow our budget at $5,000 plus hotel rooms for the night.  Why?!?!?!?!  I had been envisioning these guys at my wedding basically since the first day I saw them play.

Fortunately, I got in touch with Terry, a representative from East Coast Entertainment.  I told him I wanted a band for less than $3,000 that could play a ton of 80’s music.  And he totally delivered.  I had a million and one questions about all the bands he suggested, and he was always happy to answer them.  AND, we found a ridiculously awesome band.  Check them out at www.suckerpunchnc.com.  Don’t they sound awesome?  Our wedding is going to be the best ever!

Would you want to go to a wedding with an 80’s cover band?  Or would you prefer a DJ?  Or a different type of band?


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