I want candy!

Somebody asked me what my wedding theme was the other day.  After first giving the inquirer a totally blank and confused look, she gave me a little assistance by saying that her daughter’s wedding theme was “rustic but elegant”.  I was still so confused, because I didn’t know I needed a theme (other than, “Hey, it’s a wedding.”), but I eventually suggested that my theme might be, “Candy”.  Needless to say, I don’t think that’s what she was expecting me to say.

i_love_ comments, i_love_ graphics

I seriously love candy.  Like, my absolute worst nightmare would be getting diagnosed with diabetes.  To me, a meal is not complete unless it ends with sugar.

In addition to candy, I also love bright colors. And candy tends to come in bright colors.  So, it kind of just makes sense for my wedding to be filled with candy.

I know that most girls envision a very elegant wedding day, but I want my wedding to be fun!  (I’m not saying elegant brides can’t have fun.  I’ve had quite a rambunctious good time at some nicer events.  But I don’t want there to be any question about whether people are allowed to let loose and have a good time.)

Before anyone says, “But your wedding should be about love!”, yes, I agree.  But love is fun.  And our ceremony will be serious, I promise you.  And I know I’ll cry.  But my tears will fall upon my sparkly colorful bouquet.

Speaking of bouquets and of candy, have you all seen this?

Image from Girly Wedding \ Image by Modern Life Studios

It would fit so perfectly with my theme!  And think of the possibilities for the centerpieces!

Fabulous, right??  Even though I’ve received some pretty strange looks from people when I tell them I’m decorating with candy, I’m so pumped about it.  I can’t wait to put a few centerpieces together and see how it looks!

Do you have a “theme” for your wedding?  Is it unusual or did you choose to go with something more classic and traditional?


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