My Fashionista Groom

There are so many things you discover about yourself and your significant other when you’re planning a wedding.  Like, it turns out Mr. Whale is a bit of a fashionista (fashionisto?).

At some point early on in wedding planning, I showed him a picture that I really liked (I want some gigantic swirly lollipops).

carnival wedding

Image from Green Wedding Shoes \ Image by Jamie Hammond

Mr. Whale just loved what the groom is wearing. I thought, “Sure, that guy looks pretty dapper.  And I love his tie.  My groom is going to look great.”  Fast forward to now.  We recently discussed what he was going to wear. And he told me he wants a white suit.

Yes, you read that right. White….

Apparently, he remembered the groom wearing a white suite in that picture.  I tried to tell him it’s more of a very pale tan, but he insists (even after looking at the picture again) that he wants to wear white.  While I love my fiance fiercely, all I can picture are those weird guys in high school who show up to prom in white tuxes and think they’re sooooo cool.


Image from Derek Grasman

I know, he’s not going to look like an eleventh grade kid trying to be cool.  But my biggest fear is: what if his suit doesn’t match my dress?  He doesn’t know anything about my dress, and I don’t want to give anything away!  I guess I could try an request a swatch of fabric and then we could match the suit to my dress.  But we don’t have that much money to spend on his suit…

I’m mostly hoping he’ll decide he’d rather just buy a gray or black suit so that he can wear it again some day… But maybe I should be a good fiancee and let him wear what he wants?  Any other brides out there with grooms that wore white?


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