DIY Hangers in Progress!!

I’m finally getting down to business with my DIY projects!  I started my hangers this weekend, and I’m so pleased.  Here’s how the first round went.

Yes, that’s my shower curtain.  Isn’t it lovely?   So I just bought a pack of 5 hangers at Target for less than $5.  I got some cheap acrylic paint at Michael’s (the kind in the little squeeze bottles).  Then I got to work. The blue hangers have two coats of paint on them, and that seems to be perfect.  I found that the sponge brushes seem to work best for this.

The middle hanger (with the hearts) is my bride hanger 🙂  My plan so far is to paint the background in blue to match the bridesmaids’ hangers, and then I want to outline the hearts in silver.  There will definitely be an update about that, because I have a funny feeling it might be a complete failure…

I also shaped my bridesmaids’ names using wire.  I used 12 gauge aluminum wire from Michael’s.  (Helpful Hint: the smaller the gauge, the thicker the wire.)  I have one HUGE tip here for those of you that haven’t worked with wire before.  You must know that once you bend the wire, you cannot unbend it.  It will forever have a kink in it.  So plan your entire word ahead of time.  It’s not at all hard to bend the wire, even though it looks like it might be.  But, you may want to play around with a scrap piece first before you get down to business.  Here’s how my “Katie” hanger turned out.

Beautiful, right?  I’m pretty jazzed about it.  AND, Mr. Whale is even jazzed!  He said he wants one!  Isn’t that the most hilarious and adorable thing you’ve ever heard??

As I make more progress, I’ll share more updates, but I was so excited about these that I couldn’t wait!

What do you think?  Are you doing special hangers for your big day??

(All photos personal.)


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