Now seems like a good time to craft

Mr. Whale happened to be out of town for an entire weekend recently.  Le sigh… so to pass the time, I decided to work on wedding crafts!!  So far, I’ve done a little more work on my bridesmaids’ hangers.  And I started making a big statement necklace that I’m planning to wear to the reception.  I’m still in the process of designing it, but here are some inspiration pics:

Pinned Image

Get it at a-thread.

I love love love this one except… I want silver not gold.

Love the colors and love that little flower.

Get it at La Posh Style.

So much texture in this one!!  Yum!

I’ve spotted a lot of necklaces that are very nice, but nothing is exactly right.  So I’m making it on my own.  I’ll post some pictures when I’m done!!  (Who knows when that may be if we don’t have power for many days…)

When do you get your wedding crafts done?  When your fiance is gone? Or does he help out?


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