Say Yes to the Dress!

You might be thinking, “Gosh, Miss Blue Whale. Isn’t that an overused title for a post about shopping for your dress?”  Well, it might be if this was just a post about shopping for my dress.  But it’s not!!!  This post is actually about the real Say Yes to the Dress!  And it’s about my trip to Bridals by Lori in Atlanta!

If you’re not familiar with the show, then… I’m not sure what you do with your life.  How did you find WeddingBee and not find Say Yes to the Dress?  Anyway, what I should have said is that if you are familiar with the show, then you know that the Atlanta version takes place at Bridals by Lori.  My favorite aunt (really, my only aunt… but she’d she be my favorite if there were more!) introduced me to Say Yes to the Dress a few years ago.  I spent the night at her house during Thanksgiving, and we watched a SYTTD marathon.  It was AWESOME!  No one gets as excited about wedding dresses as me except for my aunt!  And during that marathon, I promised her that when I got engaged, we would make a trip to Bridals by Lori.  So, when Mr. Whale popped the question, I started keeping an eye on plane tickets to Atlanta!!

We eventually decided on a weekend during the summer.  Now, as a side note, I just want to point out that knowing that I had a dress shopping trip planned for summer made dress shopping before that so much more fun and not at all stressful.  Every time I tried on a dress I really liked, I just had to say to the consultant, “I’m not buying a dress until my mom and aunt see it,” and then the consultant didn’t push me to buy the dress.  So, if you’ve got a pushy consultant, just make up some reason why you can’t buy the dress yet 🙂

Back to Atlanta.  Bright and early Friday morning (Don’t go dress shopping on Saturday! Friday or Sunday are much better.), we pulled into the Bridal’s by Lori parking lot!  I jumped out of the car, and started speed walking toward the door.

Mama Whale snapped this action shot of me walking through the parking lot.

Once inside, it was so weird to see exactly what I’m used to seeing on TV.  And after I got my bearings, I looked around and realized, “They’re putting mics on those girls! OMG they’re filming today!”

My aunt and I were practically hyperventilating.  She turned to me and said, “Are they filming you???”  I think she thought that they might just suddenly decide we were right for the show.  Naturally, they did not.  And for the briefest of moments, I was a little sad that I hadn’t been chosen to be on TV.  But… then I got over it!  We were still super excited, so we hopped on the elevator and headed up to meet with my consultant.

When I made my appointment, I was told that I would be with Melissa (kind of older lady… always looks a little like she doesn’t want to be on the show…).  I wasn’t sure if I would like her, but luckily I got paired with another consultant who turned out to be fabulous.  Megan (Meghan?) is new to Bridal’s by Lori, and she informed me that they had just started filming season 5 the day before.  Given that season 4 just started airing this fall, I don’t really know when season 5 will happen, but I’m keeping my eye out for her.  She told me which bride she’s with, but I don’t want TLC to come after me with a lawsuit because I reveal information about what happens on the show… 🙂

Anyway, on to the exciting stuff.  So, it turns out that it’s actually not that great of a deal to be on the show.  You apparently spend sooooo much time doing interviews and all that that you’re only left with enough time to try on three or four dresses!  Ummmm… not okay.  I want to try on as many as possible.  Megan was more than happy to oblige.  She showed me around the store and pointed out which designers were in each room, then let us browse and pick out some dresses we liked.

This is me and my aunt browsing. Why am I making that stupid face? I don’t know… (Personal Photo)

We picked out sooooooo many dresses.  It was awesome.  I wish I had a picture of my dressing room, because there was barely any room in it for me.  You’ll recall that I love BIG dresses, so… that plus my desire to try on everything led to a room full of tulle (it was glorious!).  Bridals by Lori doesn’t technically allow photos, but we managed to get a few.  Here is a dress that my aunt liked:

(Personal Photo)

Honestly, it’s a lot like the Vera Wang White dress from David’s Bridal that I liked, except made with shimmery fabric.  Surprisingly, I like the David’s Bridal dress better than this one.

Hands down, the best part of the day was when I asked Megan if I could try on dresses that were way out of my budget.  I kind of expected her to say no, but she just said, “Go pull whatever you want.”  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! So exciting.  I hadn’t realized it until I got there, but Bridal’s by Lori was having a Lazaro trunk show that weekend!  I had been madly in love with so many Lazaros.

Lazaro Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses Style LZ3213 by JLM Couture, Inc.

Ummm… basically the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. (Image from JLM Couture)

Lazaro Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses Style LZ3203 by JLM Couture, Inc.

To die for! (Image from JLM Couture)

I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but unfortunately the consultant doesn’t leave you alone for too long 😉  I loved having this dress on:

I got to walk the runway in this one.  It was pretty spectacular! (Personal Photo)

But you know, as much as I loved the Lazaro dresses, they weren’t nearly as stunning in person as they were in the magazine.  I thought the skirts would be made of some kind of special organza or something.  But, they’re just regular tulle.  In the pictures, that first Lazaro I posted looks like the skirt is smooth and luscious.  In person… scratchy tulle.  I don’t have a clue what makes these dresses in the $7,000 range.

Lazaro Bridal Gowns, Wedding Dresses Style LZ3253 by JLM Couture, Inc.

The dress I’m wearing, at the designer’s website.  This actually looks the most similar in person to the online picture.  I just don’t have pictures of me in the other dresses. (Image from JLM Couture)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that this issue is not just with Lazaro. Most dresses that I pined for online were totally different in person.  What a let down!  They always say, “Don’t hate a dress on the hanger”.  And I guess that’s true too.  But really, someone should warn brides that the dress you see online and think is just the most amazing thing to have ever been created will probably not live up to your expectations.  Sad day.

But there’s good news to go along with the bad.  Because dresses look different in person, you’ll probably end up discovering that a dress you didn’t really like online looks fantastic in person.  Yeah!!!

So… did I say yes to the dress at Bridal’s by Lori?

Nah. Nothing really stood out to me.  But even though I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I loved my experience at Bridal’s by Lori.  Megan was so nice and so helpful.  She wasn’t at all pushy.  And even though they were filming for the show while I was there, I didn’t feel like I was unwanted or in the way.  I still got to get up on the big runway in the middle of the store where all the big mirrors are!  I got to browse wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And they’ve got a TON of dresses.  If you’re in the area and want to try on a bunch of different shapes, definitely go here.

What do you think?  You probably think I should just pick a dress already, right?


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