Choosing our Best Manatee

You may recall that Mr. Whale and I kind of have an obsession with manatees

Visiting the manatees at the zoo! (Personal Photo)

What I haven’t told you yet is that we have a few friends who share our obsession.  In particular, the manatee craze began one strange evening as Mr. Whale, our friend Mike, and I sat down to watch the movie Muppets take Manhattan.  I wish I could tell you this really awesome story about how it all went down, but unfortunately, it’s one of those epic inside jokes that wouldn’t really make sense…

ANYWAY, the point is that Mike and the Whales love manatees.

Image from We Heart It

While we were selecting our wedding party, Mr. Whale and I discussed how we would both like to have Mike stand on each of our sides.  He’s closer to Mr. Whale, but he’s also one of my very close friends.  We’ve shared a ton of good times together.

We built an igloo during Snowmageddon 2010

He’s in the band with Mr. Whale and me (that’s Mike on the drums. I’m off to the right out of the photo.)


Someone snapped this candid at a party. It’s our standard hang-out pose 🙂

So, you see, we wanted to share Mike.  But there just didn’t really seem to be a good way to do that.  And then I had a brilliant idea.

He can be the best man…atee! Best Manatee!!

It’s totally silly and ridiculous, but it’s just weird enough to be perfect for us. And yes, that’s how he will be listed in the program 🙂  As far as where he’ll stand, that actually fits into another story that may be next.  Stay tuned.

I’m so curious.  Has anyone else come with a totally weird idea that you’re doing anyway?  We can’t decide if people will just roll with it or if they’ll think we’ve lost our minds.


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