No Flowers?

It’s true.  Mr. Whale and I have decided to have a flowerless wedding.  In some sense, this makes things a lot easier.  Flowers are pretty dang expensive.  When I told one of my married bridesmaids that we probably weren’t having flowers, she wholeheartedly supported the decision, saying, “I totally understand. When our florist gave us a quote, I said, ‘They cost how much? And they DIE?!?!'”

It’s incredible really.  I think flowers are amazingly beautiful, but I wanted a band instead of a DJ, and giving up flowers is what made room for that decision.

So, going flowerless saves money (potentially).  But, it also opens the door to so many other options.  I decided that I should first work on my bouquet. And WOW, there are SO MANY bouquet options.

My brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquet (Image from WeddingBee!!)

fabric bouquet - almost done! :  wedding bouquet diy fabric flowers Flower2

Fabric bouquet (Image from WeddingBee!! Thanks, Bees!)


Button Bouquet! (Image from Glamour)

Paper flower bouquet (Image from Capitol Romance)

Felt Flower Bouquet (Image from Poptastic Bride)

And of course I can’t leave out this beauty (which I fell in love with before I knew that it belonged to Mrs. FroYo):

Pinned Image

I would reeeeeeally love to do a candy bouquet.  But I’m afraid it’ll just end up being a sticky disaster.  Plus… it seems really hard.  For any of these non-flower bouquets, there’s always the option of ordering it on Etsy or having it made.  But the point was to save money 🙂  So I’m trying to find one that I can DIY.

For the purposes of saving money, I think the brooch bouquet is out.  My family doesn’t have any brooches just lying around.  And they’re a little expensive unless you’re completely dedicated to searching consignment stores for cheap ones.

I think what I’d like to do is make a bouquet with both buttons and fabric flowers.  I’ve made a few trips to Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics (my go to wedding supply stores), and buttons are very easy to find and not too expensive.  I think I’ll head out to get some supplies so that I can have something to show the hive within the next few days!

Did I miss anything?  Anything I should know before I set out to make my own bouquet?


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