A First Attempt at DIY Button Bouquets

So I started working on my bouquet.  Previously, I had decided that button bouquets are where it’s at.  And after working on it, I can confirm that if you’re looking for an EASY diy bouquet option, button bouquets are totally the way to go!!!  I bought some floral wire (basically precut long straight pieces of wire) and some buttons and busted this out in about fifteen minutes.  

Am I done? Lord, no.  And I hope it’s obvious that this is just me randomly grabbing the stems without any regard to how they’re bunched together.  But I cannot believe this only took fifteen minutes.  And what is the total cost of what I’m holding in my hand? FIVE DOLLARS!

It looks a little plain to me right now, so I’m trying to decide what else to add (other than more buttons…this was just one package of them).  I think I want a few fabric roses.

Image from Lavender and Ash

Maybe I could mix in some of those fabric roses with my buttons?

But given that my initial attempt has only cost me $5 and fifteen minutes, I could also just totally change my mind.  Part of me is really in love with some gorgeous fabric bouquets.  They just look so much like real flowers…

Image from Lavender and Ash

Isn’t that one so dreamy??  But I’m not really sure if it’s my style.  And I wonder if it would look good with brighter colored fabric… Hmmmm…  I may be headed out to get some fabric this weekend and see what I can pull together.


One thought on “A First Attempt at DIY Button Bouquets

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