Should We Get a Videographer?

I’ve discovered that my preferences and priorities have evolved as wedding planned has progressed.  One example of this change has been my preference for whether or not to have a videographer.

In the initial stages of planning, I just didn’t really care too much about having a videographer.  I wanted to have someone record the ceremony, but other than that, I didn’t care too much.  Mr. Whale also had zero interest in hiring a videographer (but then again, he hates photos and has an incredible memory, so he doesn’t need anyone to remind him of what happened).

I’ll cut to the chase.  I changed my mind.  We decided to hire a videographer.  So what made us realize a videographer was so important that we were willing to shell out another thousand dollars or so?

Number one reason: I don’t really anticipate another opportunity to capture my family and friends interacting with me and with each other.  I’m that person who has about 15 voicemails saved on their phone, because I want to always be able to hear my family members’ voices.  Ideally, I would also like to always be able to see the important people in my life.  And while photos are still an excellent medium in which to capture all the important moments at a wedding, they’re not going to get everything.

For example, I love seeing Mr. Whale laugh.  To me, there’s nothing better than seeing someone you love being completely happy and carefree.  And when he really laughs, it’s a process, not just a single instant.  A photo can’t capture that.  But a video can.

I also want to capture us having fun with our family and friends.  When my mom does her amazing awkward dance, I want to be able to watch it forever.  When we have our first dance, I want to be able to see the way Mr. Whale looks at me forever.  But it’s not only that I want to capture special moments.  I just want to record my favorite people being themselves.  And a wedding is a good opportunity to have all those people in the same place at the same time.  I’m not looking for a feature film of my wedding.  I just want to see my favorite people being happy and having fun.

I know that some people think that a videographer is a wasteful and extravagant expense.  But… if it means that I can always see my mom talking to me, or always see my grandmother giving me a hug, then I think it’s completely worth it.

For the Blue Whales, there’s another reason that makes a videographer very appealing.  As we started planning out what we wanted to have happen at the ceremony and reception, we realized that we want a lot of music.  Mr. Whale is planning to play a song for me during the ceremony.  We’re going to play a song together during the reception.  And a few of our friends may also do a few things.  I’m sure that someone will record these events on their phone or something, but when else are we going to have the opportunity for a professional to record us playing music?  Probably never.

Ultimately, it’s like killing a bunch of birds with one stone.  We get to record the wedding.  We get to capture our family and friends on video.  And we get a professional video of us making music.  That totally seems worth it to me.

So did I convince anyone to get a videographer? 🙂  I know that it’s not in everyone’s budget, but we were willing to make room.


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