Hair It Is

I saw a hair “salon” with that punny name in eastern Kentucky (It was in a pretty run-down shack, so I’m a little hesitant to call it a salon).  Ever since then, “Hair it is” has been my favorite hair pun.  You have to say with a real good southern redneck accent to really appreciate it.  But I digress, before I even begin.

I want to talk about hair (obviously).  I just read in Glamour magazine that hair is what takes a look from “good to great” or “okay to terrible”.  And I’m inclined to agree.  I’ve got a few pictures of myself that I’d be happy to burn so that no one would ever have to see the frizzy mess sitting on top of my head.  (Thank god digital images weren’t really around until I left high school.  I do not want any of those pictures floating around the internet.)  So anyway, I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking about what my hair should look like for the big day.

The first thing I knew was that my hair will most definitely be up.  It’s time for me to confess something.  I kind of have an issue… with sweating. When I’m at the gym in an aerobics class, the instructors all know me as the girl who asks for the fans to be turned on. (Yeah, it’s embarrassing.)  And for whatever reason, the sweating is absolutely the worst on my face and neck.  I know for a fact that I will be sweating on my wedding day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 degrees outside.  I’ll get nervous, and I’ll start sweating.  So, wearing my hair down is just not an option.

Because I knew I wanted it up, I started growing out my hair basically as soon as I thought Mr. Whale and I would get married.  We weren’t engaged (in fact, we didn’t get engaged for another year and a half or so).  But, I used to have this cute little sassy bob, and I knew it would take ages to grow it out, because it was angled in the back.  (I was right.  It took about a year to get it to shoulder length.)

MOH and me. (Personal photo)

MOH and me. (Personal photo)

So now I officially have long hair, and that means I can do whatever I want!

Mr. Whale and I being silly.

Mr. Whale and I being silly.

Now that I can do whatever I want, what do I want??  Well… I’m pretty sure I want a high updo instead of a low one.  I’m not really sure how to describe it, but I think I want a big mass of texture on the top of my head.  So, kind of like a ballerina bun but less sleek and more textured.

I love how big Jennifer Love Hewitt’s style is here.

Image from InStyle

But it’s not enough texture for me.  I’d like to add in some braids like this next one (but on top of my head):

But I don’t want only braids.  I’d like it to just add some texture.  I think this next one is beautiful, but again, I’d like the look to be on top of my head. (P.S. The hairstylist from below has pictures of her replicating a bunch of hairstyles from Pinterest and doing some of her own.  They’re amazing.  If you’re in Utah, you might want to check her out!)

So far, the only high updo I could find with a bunch of braids was this one.


Image from Refined Style

I’m really worried that my hair stylist won’t know what I want if I can’t find a photo for her to replicate.  We’re definitely doing a trial, but if she doesn’t get it right at the trial, then I don’t really know what to do…

Are there any great places to look for hairstyles out there?  I feel like I’ve scoured the internet, but I can’t seem to find anything that’s really even all that close to what I want.  But I just can’t believe that no onhas ever done the hairstyle that I’m looking for.


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