Shopping Online

Shopping online has somehow become both a godsend and the bane of my existence now that I am planning a wedding.  Occasionally, I find something really great, like some apothecary jars, and I do a little happy dance at finding exactly what I needed.  But it seems like more often than not, I order something, it shows up, and it doesn’t work.  Then I have to go to the trouble of returning it, which is a big hassle.  Or maybe I thought it was going to be perfect so I didn’t care that I couldn’t return it.  And then it doesn’t look at all like the picture, so I’m stuck with it.

So let this be a warning to all of you who are like me.  When wedding planning, you will probably have a list about a mile long of random stuff you need.  Be cautious with what you buy online.  Because you may not end up saving time or money.  Allow me to share with you some of my failed shopping attempts.

I recently mentioned my dreams of beautiful shoes.  Because I can’t afford my beloved Kate Spade shoes, I’ve been searching (and searching and searching) for other shoes I love. (Update: I got some AWESOME suggestions from fellow bees!! I’m waiting for them to arrive… we’ll see how it goes.)  Here are just some of the shoes that I have bought (and returned) from DSW.

Image from DSW

Image from Polyvore

Image from DSW

Image from DSW

I reeeeeeeeally thought those last ones were going to be beautiful.  And I ordered them in the light blue color too (I can’t seem to download a picture to show you.)  And the blue color was to die for.  But… the shape of the shoe isn’t right.  So at the end of the day, no shoes for me.  All that’s happened is that I’ve driven to DSW about a million times to return shoes (and ended up buying some while I’m there, so in the end, this strategy hasn’t saved me money at all).

(Of course, I didn’t take my own advice, and I just bought these shoes online from zappos.  But… they’re soooo close to my dream shoes.)

Image from Zappos

See how out of control you can get?? I’ve already banned myself from buying a dress for my rehearsal dinner online.  It’s bound to fail.

What else have I tried (and failed) to buy online?

– a cute robe for getting ready the morning of the wedding (can’t return it)

– a cute “bride” tank top (can’t return it)

– a flower for my hair

– tights for the rehearsal dinner (The colors are never the same as they look online! Argh!!)

– earrings (I ended up changing my mind. Don’t buy your accessories too early!)

– strapless bra (Really… why would I think this could ever work?  I ordered four sizes of two bras and none fit.)

Now that it’s all written down, I think I see a theme here.  Be very careful about buying online things that you plan on wearing on your body.  This isn’t a big deal for regular life, because… well, most people don’t daydream about the “perfect” shoe that you’re going to wear next Tuesday.  If it’s a little off, who cares?  But for your wedding, you may be dreaming of something very very particular.  And from my experience, the picture you see online is rarely what shows up on your doorstep.

Of course, it hasn’t all been failure.  What have I actually been successful at buying online?

– apothecary jars

– a photo printer for a DIY photo booth

– props for the photo booth

Wow. I thought this list was going to be longer.  Apparently my online shopping hasn’t really been all that successful!

Am I really unlucky or has everyone had this much trouble shopping online??


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