Unveiling the Veil

Last time, I told you about my discovery that I (despite my previous intentions) wanted a veil.  Once I decided I wanted one, the question became… which one?  I had no idea that there were so many different choices of veils out there!!

Birdcage, blusher, mantilla, cathedral, chapel, ballet… what?  Then there’s the choice of where to wear it. On top of your head with a little poof? Further back on the head? Under your hairstyle? Or up front if you’ve got a birdcage… so many choices!!

Right off the bat, I nixed a few choices.  No mantilla for me (that’s the veil with the lace on the edges).

To me, mantilla veils are the star of the show.  Because I’ll be wearing a dress with a lot going on, the mantilla veil would be overkill in my opinion.

Also, no birdcage.

Champagne Birdcage Veil with Ostrich Feather Fascinator Made to Order

Veil sold by Ann Leslie Designs at Artfire

I love birdcage veils.  They’re so gorgeous.  So why did I cross it off the list?  Well… mostly because I’m not brave enough to wear one.  I really don’t want to end up hating any part of my bridal attire in a few years (like all those 80s poofy sleeve brides).  And while I don’t think birdcage veils are going to go that route… I’d rather not take a chance.  I’ll stick to the more traditional just to be safe.  (In the end, I don’t think it would have looked right with the dress I chose, but I never even put one on.)

I also crossed the blusher off my list.  The blusher is very traditional, and while I was easily swayed from the no veil camp to the wearing a veil one, wearing the blusher was too far for me.

With the blusher, birdcage, and mantilla gone, that left basically simple styles of veils and a choice of length.  I had no idea there were so many length choices.  I thought it was just short or long.  Silly me.  Of course not.  They think of every possibility known to man when it comes to things wedding-related.  Here’s a nice little image of the different lengths:

The veil

Image from Blue Marker

And from what I’ve discovered, there’s also the waltz or ballet length, which falls to about where the “Sweep” arrow is pointing… Maybe they’re supposed to be the same thing, but I think ballet and waltz are a little shorter than the floor. (Maybe not? I never saw one in real life.)

Anyway, I initially thought I wanted an elbow-length or fingertip veil.  I mostly thought this because they seemed like the least noticeable veils.  Also, because I wanted a skirt with a lot of texture, I didn’t want my veil to cover up the skirt.

Two things changed my mind about the elbow-length and fingertip length.

First, I had a dress consultant tell me that shorter veils are often considered juvenile. Now, I don’t really think that’s the case, and I don’t think that about anyone else’s veil.  But… she kind of ruined short veils for me.  After that, I couldn’t stop wondering if the shorter veils seemed childish on me.

And second, the photos with long veils…

FIRST shots of our evening, city wedding! Pro photo previews. (Photo HEAVY). :  wedding bristol city contemporary modern watters wtoo JM QUICK SELECTS 00272

Image from fluffed on WeddingBee
Photo by Rick O’Brien

Photo by Sara Dicicco

I just love the photos of veils flying in the wind.  It looks so magical.  That totally sealed the deal.  I decided I want a long veil.  Crazy, right?  I went from not wanting a veil at all to going all out.  But I’m totally excited.  I ordered a “chapel length” veil at a custom length so that it’s about three inches longer than my dress.  At the store where I bought the dress, the owner makes all the veils herself, so they just always make them at exactly the length you want.  Also, she can make the veil the exact color of my dress, which is awesome.  I ordered it with a pencil edge, meaning it’s got just a little bit of edging.  I originally wanted a raw edge, but my consultant suggested a pencil edge because the raw edged ones apparently tend to blow around “too much”.  I trust her judgement.  Having never worn a veil, I just have to trust everyone else on this one 🙂

So now I spend my downtime daydreaming about how awesome it would be if there was just enough wind on my wedding day to get some beautiful pictures of my veil blowing in the wind.

How do you feel about all the different veils?  Were you deadset on one kind?  How did you end up choosing?


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