Where Shall the Whales Honeymoon?

I am such a daydreamer.  I love to look up vacation spots and dream all about what we could possibly do there.  They rarely happen, but I’ve got a long list in my mind of places I’d love to visit.  In truth, Mr. Whale and I don’t really take too many vacations.  Actually, when I think about it, we’ve never taken a vacation together!  Sure, we road trip around the southeast during the winter and summer while we visit our families when school is on break.  But, we’ve never taken a bona fide “vacation”.  This is our chance!!

The ideal honeymoon would be the perfect vacation from each of our perspectives.  But what do we each envision for a vacation?  For me, I would like a place where we can get a good mix of both sight-seeing/activities and relaxation.  When I asked Mr. Whale what he wanted, he responded, “I don’t know.  I’ve never really been on a vacation.  As long as I don’t have to plan anything and as long as I can sleep in sometimes, it’ll be fine.”  So… Mr. Whale doesn’t really know what he wants 🙂  But, I do know him pretty well, so I’m pretty sure that he would prefer slightly more relaxation and less planned activities that I would.  (For those of you that are into this stuff, I’m an ISTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indication Test.  I’m 89% J, so I am all about planning out our activities.  Mr. Whale is an ENFP.  P’s like to “keep their options open”, so I’m guessing he doesn’t want our whole honeymoon planned out.)

So the first goal was to rule out things that would require too many activities.  This meant Paris was out 😦

Image from World Visits

Paris is totally my favorite city.  I’ve been there… seven times? Maybe more?  I’ve done it so much now that I’m totally an expert on getting around and all that stuff.  And it never gets old.  I cannot wait to take Mr. Whale there.  He’s going to love the bakeries and the amazing architecture and the fact that everything is just beautiful.  But unfortunately, a trip to Europe requires a lot of planning, a lot of getting up early (because museums and things close at 5), and usually a little bit of getting lost (I can get lost in my hometown.  I might be an expert on Paris, but it’s still a big city with a language I don’t speak).  I’m confident our marriage can handle it, but maybe we shouldn’t push it too early on 🙂

So what kinds of places having both relaxation and attractions and are relatively affordable?

The first obvious option is a trip to a beach somewhere.  I’m not really sure why beaches are such a popular vacation destination.  I mean, they are relaxing, but I usually just end up hot and sweaty.  Plus, Mr. Whale and I are kind of pale.  Especially after spending several years in graduate school (where we stay inside all the time), we mostly just burn whenever we go out in the sun.  So if we’re going to go to a beach, it needs to be some place with other stuff to do too.  Costa Rica?

Image from Tour Costa Rica

Costa Rica has beaches, volcanos, hot springs, waterfalls, zip-lining… so much stuff!  It seems like a great warm-weather location to do some relaxing and some activities.  Plus, it’s so cheap!

The next obvious option is a cruise.

I was initially not too keen on this idea, because I’ve only been on cruises with my family where we stay in the cheap rooms.  There, if you want to share a bed, it’s actually just two twins pushed together with a sheet over both.  Not really my idea of a romantic getaway.  But then I saw Mrs. Coach’s cruise suite, and I warmed up to the idea a little.  Plus, we would have the option of a warm weather location or… maybe Alaska?

I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska!  So has Mr. Whale!  But I’m worried that an Alaska cruise would be too expensive and maybe a little more activity-heavy than we want for our honeymoon.  So a cruise to somewhere like the Bahamas or Mexico is probably a more realistic option.

Our next option came as a suggestion from a friend.  She suggested a train ride through the Canadian Rockies.

Apparently, this is a pretty famous vacation, but I’d never heard of such a thing.  But it looks phenomenal.  You ride the train during the day and spend the night at hotels along the way.  And the Canadian Rockies are beautiful.  We definitely don’t have any scenery like this where we live.

Of course, the downside of this trip is that it’s a little pricey.  Plus, while riding on a train would be both relaxing and sight-seeing combined, we wouldn’t have too much privacy.

We’re kind of all over the place right now.  What do you think of our choices?


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