Rethinking the bouquets

A while back, I posted about my first attempt at making button bouquets.  While I love the awesome texture of button bouquets, I just really wasn’t too convinced that mine was the look I wanted.


My attempt on the left (Personal Photo). A beautiful one on the right (Image from Glamour)

Plus, there was a delightful commenter that deemed my attempt “gross”.  And then another kind soul on Get Off My Internets who said it looked like a “toddler toy”.

I’m not gonna lie.  Those comments hurt my feelings a bit.  But at the same time, my bouquet did kind of look like a toddler toy… The colors are too bright.  The texture of the beads actually is kind of toy-like.  And it needs something else, like fabric or beads or… I don’t know.  It just needs to be re-vamped.

I’ve been pondering what could be done to save my bouquet vision for a while now.  I’ve searched for buttons in less neon colors, but it seems that the only non-neutral and non-neon color that buttons come in is red or blue.  If you want pink, you’ve got to stick with pastel or go all the way to 80s party pink.  I thought about painting some buttons, but I quickly realized that idea would inevitably lead to the destruction of both my sanity and probably some of my clothes and furniture.

And then, out of nowhere, I ran into these while in Mexico…


And in the back of my mind, I remembered these…

Image from Bridal Guide/Photo by Studio Castillero

Giant paper flowers!  So fun, right?  And not a toddler toy?  AND, Mr. Whale totally loved them too.  He said, “They’re the perfect colors!”  (What guy has ever cared about colors?? I love when he gets into wedding planning.)  I stood holding these for probably a half hour debating what to do.  My biggest issue was, “How the heck am I going to get five giant paper flowers home on the plane?”  Mr. Whale was all, “You can’t do it.”  And I was like, “Sure I can. I’ll hold them the whole time.”

Lucky for us, the shop owners stepped in and showed us how they could bunch them up so they (hopefully) wouldn’t get wrinkled and ruined.  From there, it was a no-brainer.  Each flower was only 30 pesos (that’s a little less than 3 dollars, hive!). I wanted each of my four girls to have a different color, a la this inspiration picture, which just so happens to be from Mrs. Cannon’s wedding:

Pinned Image

Photo by Mary Wyar

We ran into another little snag here.  I selected multi-colored pink for myself, and then bright blue, purple, and orange.  There was also a great green one but it was pretty beat up.  I tried to breathe life into it, but it just couldn’t be saved.  Mr. Whale almost called off the whole thing then.  He said we had to have every color.  At this point, I wished he wasn’t quite so into wedding planning 😉  But we both loved the flowers, and at $3 dollars each, I decided that if he ended up not being able to live without the green flower, we would just use the ones we had for decoration.  So I picked up another pink one, a blue and purple one, and another orange one. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of every color!  They packed them all away before I could think to snap more pictures.  And then I sent them home with Mama Whale, because she’s got more room for storage.)  Once all my girls have dresses, we’ll decide who carries each one.

Did I do better, hive?  Did anyone else struggle with their DIY bouquet?


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