Our First Taste of the Unexpected

One of the first things you hear when you start wedding planning is that things will not go as planned.


How I envision me on my wedding day. (from tumblr)

Mr. Whale and I have been knocking out all kinds of wedding stuff during the last few weeks.  I bought my bouquets.  We bought our rings (Eee! More on that later).  We worked on a design for our invitations.  And this past Saturday, we had our engagement photos!

As the events surrounding our engagement photos unfolded, I began to see what people mean when they say that things do not always go as planned…

First off, recall that Mr. Whale and I live in Maryland.  But our wedding will be in the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia.  Naturally, our photographer is located in Georgia as well.  This made engagement photos a bit tricky.  Fortunately, we knew we would be driving down to the Gulf Coast during our winter break to visit Mr. Whale’s family.  We decided that we would spend a night in Atlanta on the way back and have our engagement photos taken then.

Honestly, it all worked out in the end, and we had a super fun time.  But what was I thinking? We were just asking for things to go wrong.

Our first issue was that we had to pack our clothes a month in advance.  We left Maryland on December 14th.  Our engagement photos were January 12th.  I knew we would be outside some of the time, so I packed this super cute winter coat with adorable mittens and an awesome scarf.

because it's going to be cold when we take our pictures too

Aren’t they cute, all bundled up for winter? (Image by Dezember Photography)

I also had a cute warm winter outfit for some of our indoor photos. Then, a few days before our photoshoot we discovered that the high in Atlanta on the day of our photos was going to be… 75 degrees. Wtf?  No more winter coat.  I needed to rethink my outfits.  But of course, the majority of my clothes were in Maryland… because seriously, who plans for temperatures in the seventies in January??  (In the end, we found some stuff.  But really… I had not anticipated summer weather for our January photos.)

The weather also meant that I needed to think about my hair a little harder.  I was anticipating cold, dry, winter air during our photos.  That’s perfect for curling my hair!  Instead, we got something like 70% humidity.

Thank god for Dove extra hold hairspray.  I used about a third of my travel size bottle the morning of.

The next issue was our packed schedule.  We departed the Gulf Coast on Friday morning, arrived in Atlanta that evening, needed to leave Atlanta Saturday afternoon so we could spend the night with a friend in Augusta, Georgia so that we could leave Augusta Sunday morning and get back to Maryland in time for me to be at work Monday morning.  Whew.

So, part of this plan involved Mr. Whale and I both getting haircuts and me getting highlights on Friday evening.  The friend that we were staying with in Atlanta is also a fabulous hair stylist, so our plan was to go to the salon first thing and do all of that.  But then… her daughter’s dad found out on Thursday that he had to work Friday, so he couldn’t watch their daughter, which meant she needed to leave work by 4pm on Friday.  And so we would have had to leave the Gulf Coast at about 7:00am in order to get there in time to have our hair done…. not happening.  Mr. Whale does not do mornings well .

What I face if I have to force Mr. Whale to get up. (from indulgy)

We made our hair work by rigging a makeshift salon in our friend’s dining room.  I sent her some photos of what my hair usually looks like post-highlight, and she brought home her shears, a cape, and what she hoped would be the right color for my hair.  We sacrificed some towels, my shirt, and her bathroom floor (apparently I can’t wash my hair by leaning over the tub without flooding the bathroom…), and Mr. Whale and I ended up with fabulous hair.  But seriously, I didn’t expect to be getting the highlights for my engagement photos in a dining room.

The icing on the cake was something I should have expected, but I didn’t.  I couldn’t sleep the night before.  I was waaaaaaaay too excited and nervous.  I’m that kid who always woke up at 2am on Christmas morning and sat in her room until she was allowed to wake up everyone at 5am.  I just get too excited! So naturally, I couldn’t sleep hardly at all before our engagement photos.  I slept off and on from midnight to 4am, and then I was just up.  Boo.  I’m going to have to figure out how to fix this problem before our wedding day.

So you see, all my careful plans went right down the drain.  But you know what? We ended up having an absolute blast during our photos.  The second thing you hear during wedding planning is that even though things go wrong, you’ll still have a fabulous time.  I can wholeheartedly second that.  We love our photographer.  We got to spend a few hours just snuggling and hanging out with each other.  And in the moment, I wasn’t tired at all.  I forgot about my hair.  I didn’t care about my clothes.  Mr. Whale and I were just having fun being together.

Did you have lots of things go differently than expected, even before the wedding?  How did you deal?  Did it end up making a difference in the long run?


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