Our Photographer is Lightning Fast!

I just posted about the events surrounding our engagement photos.  And I thought it would surely be at least a couple of weeks before we got our photos back.  But lo and behold, I opened my e-mail yesterday to find a link to our photos!!!

We won’t get our disc for a little while, but I copied and pasted from our photographer’s blog so you can see some of my favorites!  A few days before the photoshoot, I e-mailed Brenda and told her what kind of photos we were hoping for.  Basically, I said we liked “candid-looking” photos, we weren’t afraid of some PDA, and we weren’t opposed to getting on the ground (in fact, I really wanted to take some photos on the ground).  I also sent her my engagement photos Pinterest board so she could see the types of photos I liked.  Beyond that, I trusted her to take good pictures 🙂   And I think she totally delivered.  (All photos by the amazingly talented Brenda Upton Photography.)


I completely forgot to mention where we are.  We ended up choosing the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA.  It turned out to be incredible.  If you’re looking for a cool location in the Atlanta area, check it out.  You can get inside all of these old train cars and buses.  It’s AWESOME.  And now, on to the rest of the pictures!

Mr. Whale liked that we basically got to snuggle the whole time.  (Who am I kidding? I loved it too.)


We got our obligatory portrait:


And then made it “us” with this gem:


We danced:


We leaned:


We got serious:


Then we changed clothes and got silly:


We got on the ground!


And then things really heated up!! (This got us a lot of “Ewwww!”s from the kids there for a five year-old’s birthday party 🙂 )



We got serious one more time.  (Love this one.  Our heads plus my arm makes a heart shape!)


And I’ll leave you with what might be my favorite shot.  I can’t decide, because I love them all so much.  But the lighting in this one makes me say, “Oooooooooo.”



3 thoughts on “Our Photographer is Lightning Fast!

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