O Canada!

It official.  The Blue Whales are heading to Canada for our honeymoon.  We just couldn’t resist this…

Mr. Whale and I were both a little bummed that the Rocky Mountaineer train ride was a little out of our budget.  But we decided we can still see everything.  We’ll just have to drive ourselves.  The tentative plan is to fly into Calgary, rent a car, and stay a few days near Banff or Lake Louise and a few days in Jasper.

If you know nothing about British Columbia, it might be helpful to see a map. Image from BritishColumbia.com

This is where you come in, hive.  We’ve never been there.  And we don’t know anyone who has been there.  So I’m hoping there are bees out there who can give us some advice.  We’re looking for recommendations on…

  • Where to stay. (Both specifically, like an actual hotel recommendation, and generally, as in, “Which towns should we visit?”)  I’ve heard Jasper is very nice, so we want to spend several nights there.  I’ve heard Banff is fairly touristy and expensive, but I’d still like to spend a night or two in the area.  Are there other places we should stay? We can drive anywhere, and we can potentially stay on our honeymoon for almost two weeks.  
  • Where to eat. (Nom nom nom.)
  • What to do.  Here’s what we’re thinking:
  1. Mr. Whale and I want to do some hiking.  But we don’t really know what we’re doing.  I don’t even know how to find out anything about where to hike.
  2. Is there something we should be doing that we just don’t know about?  Like, should we rent a canoe at one of the lakes or something?  Or I’ve heard the Banff Gondola ride is nice…
  3. We’ll be driving along the Icefields Parkway.  Other than pulling off and enjoying the view every once in a while, is there anything we should know to do on this drive?

Oh, and you may want to know that we’ll probably be there in June or July.

Has anyone else done a non-beach honeymoon?  What were your favorite parts?  How did you split your time between relaxing and “doing stuff”?


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