Did you think this was a post about Say Yes to the Dress?  That would be SYTTD.   This is SYTYCD – So You Think You Can Dance, aka best. show. ever.

I used to not watch TV.  Why? I have no idea.  Then one summer I got an internship and discovered the joys of laying on the couch every evening watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy and eating ice cream out of the tub.  It was also that summer that I discovered So You Think You Dance.  And this happened to be the summer that Allison Holker was competing on the show.

Who remembers this? So epic. (Image from Amptoons)

Let me cut to the chase. She rocks. Every season, I compare every other dancer to her.  When she came back as an All-Star, I almost had a heart attack I was so excited.  And THEN, I discovered this…

Photo from Dance Spirit

Allison started dating Twitch, another ridiculously amazing dancer from SYTYCD.  And THEN just within the last month, Allison and Twitch got engaged.

Where is this post going?  I promise it has to do with my own wedding.

I want to invite them!!  Obviously they won’t come.  But imagine how epic the dance floor at my wedding would be if they did show!

Everyone else is inviting Barack and Michelle or William and Kate or Mickey and Minnie.  But I want to invite Allison and Twitch.  The only problem is… I can’t find their address.  So all you internet savvy bees, how the heck do I find super secret addresses?

Which famous people did you invite? (Did they come?? Seriously, if I was famous, I would attend one random wedding per year.) 🙂


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