Let’s Get Silly

One of the best parts of wedding planning has been coming up with completely ridiculous ideas of what could happen at our wedding.  Because really, one shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

We had a good laugh over picturing our first dance to “Kung Fu Fighting”.

Then, Mr. Whale suggested that the wedding party run into the reception football team style and bust through a big banner.

Photo from Charlotte Preps

(Okay, that would actually be pretty epic.  I kind of want to do it…)

This weekend, we came up with our best idea yet.  What if… I walked down the aisle to this?

I hope you imagined it with the music being live.  I also hope you don’t now think I’m the weirdest person ever.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I’m a little weird.  I like to be silly.

But in all seriousness, I totally recommend taking a break every once in a while and just being ridiculous.  Feeling stressed about your bridesmaids dresses? Try to come up with the weirdest bridesmaids dresses ever – poofy sleeves, lime green sequins, patent leather knee-high boots, whatever makes you giggle.  Feeling stressed about your flowers?  Imagine if your bouquet was made out of silly, like socks!  Or toothpicks! Or scissors!  Worried about your ceremony?  Come up with the most ridiculous vows you can imagine with your sweetie.  After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Does anyone else have this little hobby?  Have you come up with silly ideas of what could happen at your wedding? Tell me! I want a good laugh.


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