Sweet Dreams

I’m just going to come out and say it.  Mr. Whale and I will be spending the night before our wedding together.  But shhhh!  Don’t tell our parents 🙂

Some of you might be surprised to hear this, because you already know we’re not doing a first look.  But our reasons for not doing a first look have nothing to do with tradition or bad luck.  We just don’t want to see each other before the ceremony.  But you know what we do want? A good night’s sleep before the wedding.

This is me when I’m too excited to sleep:

from tumblr

This is what I wish would happen every night when I get into bed:

from tumblr

I am going to be the biggest ball of nerves the night before.  I’m terrified that I won’t sleep at all.  Just to give you an idea of how excessively antsy I get, let me remind you that I only slept about two hours before our engagement photos.  The engagement photos… seriously, who gets so nervous for those that they can’t sleep?  During the weekend I went dress shopping, I didn’t sleep more than four hours any of the three nights… I was just too darn excited about my dress.

So… it will be an absolute miracle if I sleep before my wedding day.  And the only way that miracle will occur is if Mr. Whale is by my side the whole night.  I can’t explain it, but I sleep better when he is in the bed.  I know some people get a little twinge of excitement about getting an entire bed to themselves if their significant other is gone for the night.  I am definitely not one of those people.

Even knowing this, I contemplated sleeping apart just for the sake of tradition (and for my parents’ sanity).  But then I realized that tradition is sometimes just a bad idea.  Rules were made to be broken, right?  So I approached Mr. Whale and said, “How would you feel about spending the night together on the night before our wedding?”  His response?  “Of course we’re spending the night together. What else would we do?”

I guess we solved that problem.

What are/were your sleeping arrangements on the night before your wedding?


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