Mad Libs!!

You remember mad libs, right??  Of course you do.  They were ridiculously awesome.

So when I saw that wedding mad libs are a new thing, I thought, “I have to have it.”  I told Mr. Whale about it, and he was like, “What? I don’t get it.”  And he still doesn’t really get it.  But I decided we would have them anyway.  There’s not a whole lot else to tell other than… I made some mad libs!  Want to see?

The “front” (the first side a guest would see anyway):



The back:


I’m pretty sure this is going to be our solution to a guestbook.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would do with a guestbook.  The thumbprint trees are cute, but I wouldn’t want to get ink all over myself when I’m all dressed up (so I won’t ask other people to do it either).  And whenever someone asks me to sign a guestbook, I end up panicking and writing something either too normal or too weird like, “Congrats!” or “You two are awesome!” or “Have an awesome marriage!”

I’m planning on putting these at each table so the guests can fill it out while they wait to get in line for the buffet.  They were super simple to make.  I used Microsoft Word.  It took me about 45 minutes.  Bam. Guest book done.

Has anyone else done the wedding mad libs thing?  Were the results super awesome?


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