I Think I’m Overwhelmed

The past seven days have been simultaneously amazingly awesome and ridiculously overwhelming. Let me give you an overview of the schedule:

Wednesday: Depart Maryland at 5:15am for a choir director’s conference in Dallas.
Wednesday-Friday: Spend literally all day (8am – 11pm)  at the conference, and some nights out at karaoke 🙂 (Any other music teacher bees out there? Wasn’t it an amazing conference?)
Saturday: Spend half a day at the conference. Catch a flight to Atlanta. Head straight to my first dress fitting in Atlanta. Eat dinner then pass out in the hotel.
Sunday: Sight-seeing around Atlanta.
Monday: Hair trial in the morning. Drive  two hours to wedding venue to meet with coordinator to finalize details. Meet with potential cake lady (not sure exactly what to call her…) 🙂 Drive back to Atlanta.
Tuesday: Have second dress fitting. Drive to Tennessee to spend the night with my grandma.
Wednesday: Visit both Grandmas. Drive to Kentucky to be at my parents’ house.

And just so you know how crazy it will be, I also have my shower and bachelorette party coming up this weekend and about six craft projects on the docket for the next two days. Aaaaaah!!!

To say I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed would be quite the understatement. I think I’ve hit a stage in wedding planning where I honestly just want to crawl under a blanket for a few weeks, emerge the weekend of our wedding, and just hope for the best. I don’t have that feeling of, “Why didn’t we just elope?” (Yet.) It’s more of being torn between my perfectionist self and my lazy self. (Okay, and my cheap self. That one always shows her face eventually.)

For instance, I can’t find a hair flower that’s the right shade of white, the right size, and a reasonable price. My lazy self wants to just buy a frickin flower and get over it. My perfectionist self wants it to look exactly like it does in the picture in my mind. And my cheap self insists that I can probably make one myself. (I’ll keep you posted on how that adventure pans out.)

I just really want to not have my wedding weekend be filled with utter madness. I don’t want to have to make any decisions. I feel like I’ve already made all the big important ones like the venue and the photographer. Why are the small decisions killing me?  After this past weekend, I know that by my wedding day, I don’t want anyone to say, “Do you want this picture frame here or here?” or “Well what do you think about putting the candy buffet over there instead of here?” or whatever silly questions are going to be asked. This week has shown me that I will not do well if that’s what I have to do. When it comes right down to it, I don’t do well under pressure. I just shut down.

So I’m trying to make most of those decisions now. And it is about to drive me crazy. But I’m hoping it will be worth it in the end.

Are other May (or April or June) brides feeling overwhelmed? How do you make all the small decisions?


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