“I know of a barn that’s falling down.”

That’s a direct quote from Mama Whale when I asked her where she thought we could get some wood to make cute signs for the wedding.

I’ve had that picture saved for months, and I knew my mom could help me out with making it come to life.  And it’s just like my mom to say, “I know of a barn that’s falling down,” when I ask where we should get the wood.

So last Thursday while I was at my parents’ house, we set out on a little adventure.  Upon arrival at the location of this falling down barn, Mama Whale decided that maybe we should ask permission before just wandering around someone’s property.  So naturally, I sat in the car while she did the dirty work.


Pretty soon, a man appeared with his scary guard dog. (Just kidding. He had a chihuahua. It was very cute.)  When asked if we could take some wood, he said, “I’m just renting the place. Take whatever you want. I don’t care.”


So Mama Whale did the dirty work again and gathered up some wood while I documented the moment. (I helped a little, but I can’t do much since one arm is gimpy.)


Then we went home and knocked out these bad boys.





Seriously, this was the EASIEST diy project I’ve ever done. (Granted, I haven’t attached them to stakes or put them in the ground yet, but that’s what dads are for, right?) 🙂  It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes tops for each sign (and that’s me painting with my arm in a cast, so I was a little slow). I used an old cheapo paintbrush I found lying around the house and some ninety-nine cent acrylic paint. One coat. Bam. Done.

Total cost for four signs: ONE DOLLAR!!  (Okay, let’s make it two dollars, because I’m going to need some nails… ) But whatever, that’s about fifty cents and fifteen minutes per sign.) Best. DIY. Ever.

You’re welcome. Anyone else make some rockin signs?


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