Suddenly Seymour

This is the story of how Mr. Whale and I ended up singing “Suddenly Seymour” inside our local Men’s Wearhouse.

 (From Little Shop of Horrors)

Okay, actually it’s the story of buying Mr. Whale’s wedding attire.  But somehow we ended up acting silly in the store and discussing how hilariously awesome it would be if our first dance was to “Suddenly Seymour” (Mr. Whale loves Little Shop of Horrors. I mean, really, who doesn’t?)

But I digress.  With our wedding less than two months away, we decided that maybe it was time to pick out a suit for Mr. Whale.  You may recall that he originally had this great idea to wear a white suit… I’m happy to report that that phase didn’t last long.  I really didn’t bring it up again, but I did show him some pictures of some nice gray suits, and I guess he forgot about the white one.

Used Melissa Sweet Wedding Dress

No bow tie for us, but I love the gray. (Image from OnceWed)

So last week I saw that Men’s Wearhouse was having a buy-one-get-one-free sale on suits that ended this past Saturday, and I knew we had to go.  We got there and discovered that one of the good and bad things about wanting a lighter gray suit is that there just aren’t that many options.  If you’re really picky, you can shop around at different stores, but Mr. Whale received a $100 gift card to Men’s Wearhouse for Christmas, so we just decided to go there and hope for the best.

(A quick tip for others looking for “non-traditional” colors: Men’s Wearhouse (and other places apparently) only carry certain colors in certain seasons.  So when we briefly stopped into a store back in November, we were told they don’t carry light gray until spring.  Luckily, we had time to put off getting the suit, but that could have been a problem if we were getting married in March!)

Now, on to the choices.  Mr. Whale picked out two gray suits.  The big decision was whether he would wear a black or a white shirt.  He’s a bit of a punk rock kid, so black is his go-to color.


But I thought he looked dreamy in the white shirt.


He still thought he liked the black shirt better, but two things convinced him. First, I showed him the pictures.  The white really looks good. Second, I pointed out that his chucks will stand out a lot if he doesn’t have white on somewhere else.


Yeah. This is happening. (Image from Wedding Paper Divas)

We’d been trying to tell our consultant that our wedding fairly casual, but I think we blew his mind when I told him Mr. Whale would be wearing his chucks (a new, clean pair though). He said, “Whoa! You’re being serious when you say this thing is casual!” (Yes. Yes, we are.)

At the end of the day, we bought both suits, both a black and a white shirt (gotta love the bogo), and a tie that we may or may not keep.

Total cost: $433. I think we did pretty good.

What’s your dude wearing? Was he easy to dress or was he picky?


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