Bringing the Invitations to Life

Last time, I shared with you our invitations. (Eeeee! They still make me excited.) Today, I want to talk about the behind-the-scenes work that brought them to life.

The first star of the show is Natacha, who runs the Etsy store WeddingSundae.  I saw this picture on her page and fell in love with the invitations:

Double-Sided - Romantic Blue Night and Garland Wedding Invitation and Reply Card Set - Wedding Stationery

From WeddingSundae on Etsy

We ordered the digital files, and I cannot say enough good things about how fantastic Natacha was to work with.  She advertises that she will work with you until the file is right, and she means it.  We sent probably eight or ten messages back and forth with me asking to see something one way, then asking her to switch it back, and she was always happy to comply.  You’ll notice that I had her change several fonts and sizes.  I also had her remove the dotted lines from the RSVP card.  And the “I Do” BBQ card was completely custom-made.  They looked great, and she didn’t charge extra for a custom design! Fantastic!

When I was done making changes, she sent me all the files in both pdf and jpg format.  And that’s where the second stars of this show come on stage: the UPS Store.

My mom works at the UPS Store, so we were able to get a great deal on their already reasonable printing prices.  But they weren’t great just because of the prices.  I was very particular about the color of the invitations.  I printed a sample out on my own printer, and the color was perfect.  But when I took it to the UPS Store, it was totally different.  Luckily, they printed about ten different samples for me to choose from so I could get exactly the right color. Customer service!

The last big star of this show gets an extra special thanks.  That would be Mama Whale.  What did she do?  Well… you may recall that I broke my wrist about a month ago.


Typing is a challenge.

I had planned to address and send all of my invitations in mid-March.  But losing the use of my writing hand stopped that idea pretty quickly.  So Mama Whale and I brainstormed.  After considering all sorts of different options, Mama Whale took one for the home team.  She addressed each and every one of our invitations.  Can you believe it?!  I cannot thank her enough for all of that hard work.  I really think I have the best mom ever.  Thanks, Mom!

Ha! (Gotta love someecards)

I’ll close this post with a little tip for any bees who are having others help them address invitations. Proofread!! I had saved a list of all guests and their addresses and just sent it to my mom and told her to ask me if she had any questions.  Well, turns out I omitted a few crucial details for some people.  (Luckily, everyone we know has a good sense of humor, so they weren’t offended, but not all people are so lucky to know light-hearted and forgiving people.)

One family friend of Mr. Whale only received an invitation addressed to Mr. Friend instead of Mr. and Mrs. Friend. Major snub!! But unintentional…I didn’t know her name, and I didn’t want to write guest, so I didn’t write anything in my address list.  We contacted them and apologized.

My favorite mistake was on an invitation that was supposed to go to two people who were saved in my address list as Rachel Smith and Tori Smith (names changed, but the essence is the same).  This invitation was sent out to Mr. Tori Smith and Mrs. Rachel Smith.  What should it have been?  Well, for starters, Tori is not a man. Second, Rachel and Tori are a mother and daughter, not a married couple.  Third, Rachel’s name is spelled Rachael.  And lastly, Rachael’s last name isn’t Smith anymore, because she got a divorce!  So. Much. Fail.  Needless to say, they received another invitation that was addressed properly.

How did you get your invitations? Did anyone else make some major mistakes when addressing them?


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