Showered with Glitter

Just a few short weeks ago, I made my last trip to my hometown before the big day.  And since it was my last time in town, my amazing bridesmaids decided to throw me a shower.  I got this lovely sparkly invitation in the mail a few weeks prior.


I know you’re jealous of my mad Paint skillz. And seriously, this is the worst picture ever. But trust me, it’s glitter-tastic.

I was so pumped.  Honestly, I didn’t really care at all about the gifts.  I was just so excited to see all of my favorite friends and family and family friends 🙂  I carefully picked a dress that would fit over my cast.  And the morning of the big day, I set out a couple of hours early to have my hair beautifully styled.  (Normally, I would just do my hair myself, but the only styles I’ve accomplished with the broken wrist are the ponytail and a bun… Not acceptable for my one and only bridal shower.)

When I arrived, I was greeted first by so many hugs!  Then, by this delicious spread!


We did a little chatting, but before too long, it was time to dig in!


Can you tell I’m excited?

The guests were comprised of some of my favorite people.  There were some of the ladies that my mom is good friends with and that I’ve always enjoyed seeing and talking to.


That’s Mama Whale on the left!

And of course there were my bridesmaids.


We laughed and gabbed for a while.  (Later I found out that there was one shower game planned, but the girls forgot about it, because we were just having too much fun!  No one felt like we needed to do something extra to spice things up.)

Eventually, MOH L remembered that it was supposed to be a shower, and I had this big pile of gifts to get to.


You probably don’t care exactly what gifts I got.  So instead, I’ll show you a serious of pictures taken that my bridesmaids like to call “The Many Faces of Erin.”  As you’ll see, I’m kind of big on making silly faces.









I’m pretty sure several of those pictures were taken mid-snort of laughter.

So obviously we had a pretty good time.  And it was obvious that everyone there knew me well, because there was SO MUCH GLITTER! Practically every package was tied with a glittery bow.  When I finally stood up, there was an actual cloud of glitter that puffed out around me.  (It was like a dream come true!)

One of my bridesmaids saved all the ribbons and made a beautiful sparkly ribbon bouquet that I can carry at the rehearsal.  We snapped one last picture of all the girls together.


Check out that bouquet!

And then it was time for my super fun shower to end…

But it wasn’t time for the fun to end, because we hopped in our cars and headed off to my bachelorette party!  Stay tuned for all the inappropriate details 🙂

Are you having a shower?  Has it already happened? I hope it was super fab!



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