The Top Ten Signs that You’re Getting Married Soon

I’ve found myself doing many silly things lately.  And while I probably should be embarrassed and keep them to myself, I’ve decided to post them on the internet instead.  So, without further ado…  You know you’re getting married soon if…

10. You are giddy with the thought of possibly owning a brand new vacuum cleaner! Or maybe even (gasp!) plates that match!

9. Everywhere you go, you can’t help but point out your wedding colors.  “Look at that flower! It’s the exact right shade of pink!” “Check out this brochure about filing your taxes! I love that shade of blue!” “Tazo passion tea is such a beautiful color.  It’s the pink in our wedding color!”

8. The Farmer’s Almanac suddenly seems like a reliable source of weather forecasts.  It’s going to be partly cloudy three months from today? Excellent.

7. You wake up in the night crying because in your dream you’re about to walk down the aisle when you realize you forgot to tell anyone what song you wanted to use, your hair is still unstyled,  and somehow you’re in the completely wrong venue.  Oh yeah, and there’s a giant tattoo of a squid on your back. Wtf?

6. You can’t see the floor of your home through the hundreds of mason jars you’ve accumulated.

5. You receive approximately one million e-mails per day from all the silly things you’ve signed up for.  Which makes you wonder… Does that David’s Bridal wedding dress giveaway contest ever end?  Do they actually give away a wedding dress or is it just a gimmick to get you to sign up for their e-mails?

4. Every time you’re walking by yourself, you find yourself pretending you’re walking down the aisle.  When someone comes around the corner, because you’re actually shopping at Target, it’s so awkward…

3. You try not to be a diva but really you feel like Amy on The Big Bang Theory when she gets her tiara.



(gifs from Corina Writes.)

2. Every mundane activity seems to have importance, because  it might be the last time you do it before you get married. “This is the last load of laundry I’ll do before getting married.” “This is the last Peep I’ll eat as a single woman.”

Will & Kate's Royal Wedding ... Made of Peeps!| Cute Pets, Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, Prince William

I couldn’t help myself. (Image from People Pets)

And the number one reason you know you’re about to get married…

1. You get sappy over the stupidest crap. For realz.

View the full clip here: Why? Because it’s awesome.

What did I miss hive?  I only picked ten.


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