We’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1985!

It’s no secret that I love the 80’s.  Has anyone else in the last decade packed four pairs of leg warmers in their suitcase when they went home for spring break? Yeah, I didn’t think so.  So you can imagine my delight when I found this sparkly amazingness behind my bridal shower invitation few weeks back.


So after my awesome shower, we loaded up the car and headed out on a journey to the middle of nowhere.  But first, some of us changed into our 80’s gear.


Let me recap the highlights of the evening…

I got an awesome crown and a sash. (I still wear the crown in my apartment. Shhhh.)


We drank delicious beer at Big Woods Brewing Company in Nashville, Indiana. (I’m totally a beer drinker as opposed to girly drinks, and I was proud of my girls for finding an awesome place and for drinking beer too.)


I cannot get over that side pony.

Some of the bridesmaids got a little caught up in March Madness.

Watching the Gonzaga game with great intensity.

Watching the Gonzaga game with great intensity.

She didn't agree with the refs. (Or something like that...)

She didn’t agree with the refs. (Or something like that…)

I sang “When You Say Nothing At All” with the woman who was playing music that night at the bar. Still not really sure how that happened. There’s supposedly a video somewhere.  We’ll just not post that…


We made duck faces.


We had fireplace s’mores and embarrassing dance moves.


I got this awesome coozie.

"I think I gotta pee."

“I think I gotta pee.”

And of course, there was some male genetalia (just in the form of lollipops and confetti, thank god).

Mr. Whale said, "That's so snazzy!" when I showed him this picture. It's very subtle :)

Mr. Whale said, “That’s so snazzy!” when I showed him this picture. It’s very subtle 🙂

Then I showed him this picture and he said, "Ewwww."

Then I showed him this picture and he said, “Ewwww.”

And of course there had to be some poor decision-making.  What was mine?  I definitely should not have allowed my cast-decorating session to take place at my bachelorette party… 🙂  There may or may not be a life size drawing of a male body part on my forearm.  For fear of the embarrassment it might cause when I go to the doctor to have the cast removed, I tried to disguise it.  I didn’t do a very good job.  I’d post a picture, but there are limits to what I will post on the internet 🙂  You can use your imagination.

In conclusion, fun times were had by all.  We woke up in the morning with ridiculous headaches, and I ate my weight in leftover pizza and homemade fruit and yogurt parfaits.  It was awesome.

Did you have a bachelorette party?  Was it traditional bar-hopping or do you do something less conventional?


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