When they RSVP “No”

It’s so exciting to have the RSVP’s rolling in.  I do a little happy dance whenever I get a ‘yes’ from someone that I know will be on the dance floor.

Why didn’t I have a funny RSVP card like this? Oh well. (Image from Smile Invitations)

But there is definitely a part of the wedding process involved with the RSVP’s that I was not prepared for.  And that part is how you feel when someone you really thought would be there says they aren’t coming.

Truthfully, I guess I was a little prepared for this.  I knew that many of the friends we invited from Maryland would not be able to travel to Georgia.  When the drive is ten hours and the nearest airport is two hours away, we haven’t really made it convenient for anyone… But like I said, I was prepared for that.  However, there are a few people that surprised me.

The biggest surprises for me were my grandmothers.  For a while, both of my grandmothers considered not coming.  One of them has ultimately decided to come, but the other has decided not to make the trip.  And I really do understand.  She’s pushing ninety, and a several hour trip is a lot of work when you’re old.  But it’s hard not to let my emotions get in the way.  After all, she made a four-hour trip last summer to attend my brother’s wedding.  I have to remind myself that it’s probably not that she doesn’t want to come.  It was probably just a really hard trip last summer, and she realized that she can’t do it again.

Even harder than dealing with my own RSVP surprises has been dealing with the surprises dealt to Mr. Whale.  He is truly the best friend anyone could ask for.  He spends so much time trying to know people better and staying in touch and just truly caring about all of his friends.  So it’s hard when one of them chooses not to come to our wedding.  Just today, I heard from one of his friends, and it was someone Mr. Whale was certain was coming.  I’ve never met her, because she lives across the country, but Mr. Whale insisted she would be there.  At dinner, I said to Mr. Whale, “I heard from Jenny today.”  And his face lit up.  He said, “Oh, nice!” And it broke my heart to have to then say, “She’s not coming…”  His face just fell.

No one warned me about this part.  I know that not everyone can come to our wedding.  But it’s still a bummer every time we get a “no”.  I’m not going to get too sad about it, because we still have a lot of people who are coming, and it’s going to be a great time.  I just wish everyone could come…

Did you deal with many surprise No’s?  Was it a little sad?


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