My DIY Makeup: The Products

I had several requests about what products I used to do my makeup in my last post.  So at the request of the people, here they are!


In case you forgot what I looked like… Here I am again!

Prepping the Face

Moisturizer: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer SPF 50.  I swear by this stuff.  I have dreams of having incredibly flawless porcelain skin (read: the pastiest of pasty white).  If you put this on, you will not get sun. At all.

Available at Amazon

“Primer”: I was skeptical at first, but I decided to blindly trust Mrs. Rainbow and her advice to use Monistat Chafing Gel as a primer.  Having never used primer before using this stuff, I have no idea how it compares.  But my concealer went on a lot more smoothly, so… I’d say it was a success.

**Tip: I mixed the moisturizer and primer together, because I don’t know which one is supposed to go first. It seemed to work well…

Putting on Your Face

Concealer: I have a confession to make… I use two concealers.  My undereye circles are scary.  An ex-boyfriend’s brother once asked if someone punched me when he saw me without make-up.  So… that was embarrassing.  And because it scarred me for life, I’ve developed an intricate system of covering up my icky circles.  First, I use Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer.  I apply a thin layer and blend with my ring finger.  Then I use a brush to apply the serious concealer.  Mary Kay concealer has never let me down.  It’s thick, and it works.

Foundation: I don’t always wear foundation.  But when I do, I use Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation, applied with a sponge.

Powder:  I refuse to not set my make-up with powder.  If I don’t, then my face just feels all greasy and nasty.  So I use Cover Girl loose power.  It is the BEST.


Shadow: In my photo, I’m wearing several shadows.  I’ve got on the two darkest shades from a Lorac eye trio. I normally don’t buy anything fancier than what you can find at Target.  But seriously, Lorac is where it’s at.  I’ve only splurged on this one trio, but it’s niiiiiice.

Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio 2735

I also have on two discontinued eyeshadows.  One is a pinky champagne.  That’s near my inner eye.  And then I use white shimmery shadow in the inner corners.  (Solid blinding white. It sounds scary, but it works.)

Eyeliner: Cover Girl Perfect Point Eyeliner.  Another product I could not live without.  I will not use another eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner: I’ve got liquid liner on top of my regular liner.  I use a liquid “pen”.  It’s kind of like using an ink pen.  It was MUCH easier than a brush.  I recommend.  Check it out: Maybelline Ink Pen Eyeliner

Mascara: Maybelline Full & Soft Waterproof.

Lashes: Ooh La La!  This is a fun part.  I ordered Ardell 120 Demi Wispies in Black.  I cut them in half and applied each one in two pieces.

Available at Amazon

**Tip: Make sure you put them on the correct eye.  I was a big idiot the first time and put the left ones on my right eye.  Then my inner lashes were super long, and I looked super stupid.  Don’t be like me. Read the direction first.


Ummm… I used some free blush I got in an Estee Lauder gift bag.  It’s pink, and the name is rubbed off.  Sorry!


After searching high and low for the perfect not-too-intense lip color, I discovered lip stains.  A word of caution:  the colors on the tubes look nothing like the color that goes on your lips.  You will almost certainly fail at getting the right color the first time.  I have no advice on how to avoid this.  It’s just a game of chance.  The perfect color for me ended up being the one in the weird orange tube.  I was all, “I don’t want orange lips. But everything else has been a fail so I’ll try this weird orange one.”  And it worked. Go figure…

Oh, you actually want to know what I used and not just read my ramblings? Right. It’s Cover Girl Lip Stain in Flirty Nude.

The tube looks more orange in person…

And then… I topped off the stain with some strawberry chapstick.  (Strawberry is totally the best flavor! Not cherry!)

Are we done yet?  Jesus, I had no idea I had on so much make-up.

Got any suggestions for me?  Obviously I’m obsessed with make-up, so I’m always down to try new stuff.


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