In case you all haven’t noticed, I love sugar.  Like, when people claim to not want the frosting from their slice of birthday cake (Are they being serious? I have to assume that they’re just using that as an excuse to not eat ridiculously unhealthy icing), I gladly volunteer to eat it. All of it. No matter how much there is.  Frosting is just too amazing to not eat.

Okay, now that I’m done fantasizing about icing, I think I’m ready to talk about frosting’s companion: cake!  I have conjured up some pretty amazing cakes in my imagination.  Many girls have that “thing” that they dream about for their wedding.  It’s the thing you dream about when you’re a little girl, and that’s what you see as wedding.  For me, it was the dress. And the cake!


Perfection. (From

To me, this cake is pretty dang close to perfection.  I would probably modify some colors, but it’s just so “me”.  In fact, my MOH sent it to me in an e-mail way back in 2008 with the subject line, “Your Future Wedding Cake”.  She knows what’s up.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking, “Good God! That cake is hideous!”  Yeah, I know it’s not for everyone.  But I’m not marrying you. I’m marrying Mr. Whale 🙂  He shares my affinity for all things sugar and likes my whimsical style.

So this cake has been in the back of my mind for ages, but once we got engaged, I realized the world of cakes has so much to offer!

Rainbow hearts…

Image from Wedding Chicks

Multi-colored ruffles…

Image from Bubble and Sweet


And last but not least, a cake that is totally NOT wedding appropriate but is just so epic that I had to show you…

Image from Cake Central

I could look at pictures of cakes all day.  Right after getting engaged, I pinned a bunch and got super excited about how awesome our wedding cake was going to be.

But then… (yes, this story takes a turn for the worst), I unfortunately found out how crazy expensive cakes can be.  I couldn’t believe that an awesome cake would likely be a minimum of five-hundred dollars.  And then I would only get to see if for a few minutes? And then I’d have to cut into it and ruin the incredible design?

Hive, I am not prepared to drop so much money on something we plan on destroying, especially if we can get it for cheaper… So yes, what you’re thinking is true.  I gave up on my wedding cake dreams.  There will be no multi-tiered cake at my wedding.

But fear not. There will be dessert.  You’ll just have to wait until next time to see what’s happening.

Did you give up on anything that you thought for sure would be a part of your wedding?


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