I Messed Up

Y’all, I’m not kidding. I seriously messed up.

Let me ask you a question. What do you actually need in order to get married?  You need two people who want to marry each other and a person who will perform the ceremony.  And in most cases in the US, you need rings.  We have all those things.

But… when we bought the rings, we didn’t have them resized because it was winter.  (Do you see where this is going?)

Cut to Wednesday.  Mr. Whale and I have been meaning to go get our rings resized for a few weeks now.  But we didn’t think it was a big deal, because we thought it would just take a few hours to get it done, a few days maximum.  (This does happen, right?  I’ve known plenty of people who got their ring resized right in the shop!)  So we had big plans to go see Iron Man 3, and we were going take our rings in before the movie.  In order to decide on a movie time, I called up Zales and asked how long it usually takes to get a ring resized.  The response?  Two weeks.

We don’t have two weeks.  Cue panic.  My ring is currently a size 7.  It needs to be a size 4.5…


Image from Muppet Wiki

Naturally, I panicked.  And naturally, I had decided to make this phone call while walking to a final exam.  So I burst into tears while walking down the sidewalk.  (Thank god I had my sunglasses with me.)  Then I had to call Mr. Whale and tell him that we don’t have rings for the ceremony.  While this might normally also make him panic, I think he realized that I was having a major meltdown about having been so stupid about something so important, and he was completely supportive.  Within thirty seconds, we had a plan.

And so, without further ado, I present to you my back-up wedding band, courtesy of QVC:

Diamonique Micro Pave Colorful Eternity Band Ring, Sterling

Available at QVC

Hey, at least I have a travel wedding band now!  I still plan on having my real wedding band in all the usual photos of the rings.  And I’m going to use it in the ceremony.  But afterward, I’ll slip on the fake ring, so I don’t lose the real one.  Somehow, Mr. Whale’s ring fits now (we thought it was too small before, but maybe it was too big… either way, it fits now), so we actually don’t need to do anything special for him.

So… I feel pretty stupid. And I’m bummed that I won’t get to wear my ring for at least two weeks after the wedding. (I’ll still have to send it out to get it resized…) But, there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Anyone else make this mistake, or am I literally the only one?

*For those of you wondering why I didn’t just take it to another jeweler to get it resized, doing so would have voided my warranty with Zales.


2 thoughts on “I Messed Up

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