It’s not too late for a little DIY!

Recently, you may have thought, “Gosh, that Blue Whale has been awfully emotional lately.  Can we see some pretty pictures or something?”

I have been a bit stressed.  I can’t lie.  But I managed to fit in just a couple more DIY projects at the last minute, so I’ve got some pretty picture for you!  Hopefully I’ll find some time to snap pictures of the others, but my favorite project by far has been my painted shoes.


This is a project I’ve been thinking about since we first got engaged!  I can’t believe I saved it right up until the last minute.  So how did go down?

Well, I started off with a white pair of “keds”. (They’re actually from Target, but you know what I mean.) I modge podged the sides of the soles and poured on the glitter 🙂


Sorry I didn’t pose it on something better. I snapped this pic and sent it to my maid of honor so I could ask her, “What should I do to the rest???”  Because she didn’t reply within five seconds and because I’m impatient, I just decided to start without hearing from her 🙂  (The good news is that she thoroughly approves of the final product.)  I painted the entire shoe a pretty green-blue (would have been easier to buy a blue shoe, but… I didn’t. Oh well.).  And then I painted on some snazzy silver polka dots!


(Okay, I actually took all of these pictures after I was already done. I’m bad at documenting DIY… Pretend you don’t see that bit of pink.)

And THEN, for my finishing touch, I painted on some pink hearts!!


I’ve ordered some silver sparkly shoelaces from Amazon, and I reeeeally hope they get here in time.  I can’t wait to dance my heart out in these at my reception!!

Did anyone else do a special reception shoe? A DIY shoe?


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