The Day is Here!

(Full Disclosure: While I’m writing this, it’s not Sunday. But let’s pretend it is, shall we?)

When we first got engaged, it was 442 days until our wedding.  Once we picked our venue, that number had dropped to about 300.  Then slowly but surely, we found ourselves at less than 100 days.  And before long, less than one month, then less than one week. And somehow, it’s now mere hours until we say “I Do”.

Part of me is still somewhat numb.  I know it’s all going to happen, but it feels very surreal.  I’ve been looking at Mr. Whale a lot lately while thinking, “I’m about to be someone’s wife!”  I accepted a long time ago that Mr. Whale would be my husband, but somehow it was only recently that I realized I’m going to be a wife.

It’s a little scary to realize you’re taking on a title that often has such negative connotations with it (nagging wife, wife who spends too much, trophy wife).  But when I said to Mr. Whale recently, “I’m going to be your wife soon. How does that make you feel??”, he just smiled really big and said, “I’m so excited.”

So let’s do this! I’m so pumped to be marrying the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. I love you, Mr. Whale! I’ll see you at the end of the aisle!



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