How to organize all those RSVP’s…

This post is going to be a combo review of both our wedding website (at and The Knot’s RSVP tool. (Just so we’re all prepared, you know.)

Back in the day, when I shared my invitations with you all, you may have noticed that we decided to doing all of our RSVP’s online.  Now that it’s all said and done, how do I feel about it??  Well… I would totally do it again.  I think it worked out fabulously.

Our wedding website was through  We did the completely free version.  Our guests loved it.  It was super easy to use, and it had a lot of different designs to choose from.  (That’s really all I need to say about it.  I have zero complaints about the website. It was awesome and everything I needed it to be. And it was free.)

One feature of the website was that you can have guests RSVP through the site.  Here’s what the screen looked like when a guest came to RSVP.  (After clicking next, they were prompted to enter information about a guest.)


Now, if you have exactly one way that you want your RSVP’s and you’re not willing to budge, then online RSVP’s may not be for you.  But Mr. Whale and I were pretty laid back about the whole situation.  Some people RSVP’ed that they were bringing a friend, and we just said, “Awesome. The more the merrier.”  I know that’s not everyone’s view (and not everyone has that luxury), but we were able to find very affordable catering (about $17 per person), and the alcohol was provided by us, so a few extra people was not worth the hassle of trying to control who could and could not come to our wedding.  We wanted people to have fun.  And if having fun meant bringing a friend, then we wanted the friend.

Back to the actual process of getting RSVP’s.  Every time someone sent an RSVP at our website, I got an e-mail.  This was great.  And was keep track of all those RSVP’s.  But… they only kept track of RSVP’s, and I wanted a centralized location to keep all of the information pertaining to our guests.  Enter The Knot.

Quite frankly, I kind of loathe The Knot.  They make you believe they are the end-all be-all of wedding planning, and they have a tendency to suck people in.  Then later, you find out that the reviews are crap, and none of us really have any idea how they come up with their awards.  But I digress.  Despite the fact that I am anti-“The Knot”, I found their tools for organizing the guest list incredibly helpful.

When you create your “Guest List”, you have an entry saved for each guest or each party.  You can save it either way (that way if someone is bring their significant other, you can keep them together even though they have different last names).  Within each entry, you can enter their address, whether you sent an invitation, any gifts they’ve sent you, and their RSVP information.  Oh, and there is a place for notes, so if there’s something special you want to remember, there’s a space for that!


Every time I got an RSVP, I immediately entered it here on the site.  It’s super easy.


And once we started getting gifts, we could save those there too!  Super convenient.  Now that it’s time for those thank-you cards, I just pull up a guest, see what they gifted, write a thank-you card, then tab over to their address so I can address the card. Easy peasy!

As much as it pains me to say it, The Knot really helped me out with their guest list feature.  I highly recommend you check it out to help you stay organized.

Did anyone else try to not use The Knot but end up begrudgingly using it?


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