The Wedding Party (App)

Many a bee has talked about the issue of getting photos from guests.  And I feel their pain.  Even Mr. Whale, who usually hates pictures, gets excited every time someone posts a new photo from the wedding.  We just want to relive everything, in any way we can.

Thankfully, we can.  Purely by luck, it just so happens that the Wedding Party app (an app where guests can upload pictures they take at your wedding) is partnered with, so when we started our website, we already had a section in the site for pictures from the app.  Back when we got engaged, I was still stuck in caveman-era with no smartphone, so I originally thought, “Huh, that might be cool.  But I don’t really understand apps, so I’ll think about it later.”  Fast forward to February when I became the proud owner of a real live smartphone.  I went to our wedding website again, and I was all like, “What!! This is a great idea! We’re totally doing this!”

So how does it work?  Here’s exactly what our guests received from us (both at our welcome BBQ and at the wedding reception):


I printed them out and cut them into a size a little bigger than business cards and then just handed them to people.  (Pro tip: Definitely hand some out at the rehearsal dinner, so you can get the word out there.  Also, start handing them out a little later in the event, when people have already taken a few pictures and when they’re not as focused on seeing everyone and saying hi to everyone.)

Because of the app, we ended up getting a LOT more pictures of our BBQ than we would have had otherwise.  I mean, there’s no pro photographer, and I definitely brought my camera but never took it out of my bag, because I was too busy hanging out with people.  

Another big plus of the app is that people were super impressed that we had an app.  They felt like they were at a super fancy event, one that was deserving of an app.  🙂

And of course, to the main event.  It’s been so exciting to be able to look at pictures while we wait for the pro photos.  Here are some of my favorites:

The guys hanging out before the ceremony:

Mr. Whale and his brother (Love love love this photo. The app would be worth it if all we got was this one.):

Then there’s this gem of me getting ready for what I apparently think is going to be the biggest bite of cake ever:

And who doesn’t want to relive that moment when you walk down the aisle… (Plus, I’m such a sucker for bursts of light):



Truthfully, there are even better pictures than this, but I don’t want to give away all the special moments before the recaps!  I just wanted you all to know that I whole-heartedly approve of the Wedding Party app.

Did anyone else use this app? Or a different one that’s even better than I didn’t even know about?


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