A Canadian Rockies Honeymoon: Caribou, and Sheep, and Bears, Oh My!

We finally made it to Jasper, and things quickly turned back into a fabulous honeymoon.  Jasper turned out to be a fabulous town for a lot of reasons.  There were beautiful places to visit and hike.

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 150

“The water looks like Kool-Aid.” – Mr. Whale (At Spirit Island)

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 083

On the way to Spirit Island. And… it looked like this the whole way. Amazing.

Or you can canoe.

Patricia-Pyramid-Jasper 408

Hi! Selfies in a canoe aren’t really a good idea!

And… we got to see so much wildlife!!  I’m getting all excited again just thinking about it.  So here’s a little insider tip if you’re ever driving through the area on a trip of your own.  If you see a car stopped on the side of the road, don’t assume that something is wrong.  No. Instead, you should assume that they have probably just spotted an animal, and you should pull over too!

Okay, so what did we see? (A note of warning: I’m pretty sure I’ve got all these animals right.  But if I say something is a caribou and it’s actually elk or something, forgive my stupidity.  I looked everything up, but I’m still afraid I’m about to look stupid 🙂 )


Johnston-Canyon-Falls-Ink-Pots 134

Look at those weird fuzzy antlers!

Johnston-Canyon-Falls-Ink-Pots 135


The sheep were a little sketchy looking because they were… shedding? Molting?  I don’t know the right word, but their fur was all falling off for summer, so they looked a bit shabby. (See the one on the left in the picture below? They all looked like that.)  But luckily, there were baby sheep too, and the babies were 100% adorable, not shedding, and when they thought they were lost (because they were like twenty feet from the other sheep), they would start making a sad little “Baaaaaa” sound. Precious.

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 181

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 198

Look at that face!


Cutest rabbit ever!

This little guy had HUGE white feet!  I’m guessing they were so he could hop around in the snow.  Who knows? He was awesome.

Moraine-Louise-Plain-of-Six-Glaciers 016

Mystery Animals with Funny Faces...

I don’t know what these were, but we saw a lot of them.  They look like deer but with sillier faces.  Wildlife experts, a little help here?

Patricia-Pyramid-Jasper 246

Grizzly Bear!

Ummm, I didn’t really want to see a grizzly bear (I mean, I did… but I didn’t want to die).  But I did say to Mr. Whale that if we were to see one, I would hope that there would be some barrier between us.  Thankfully my wish came true.  We were behind a carload of girls who spotted this grizzly in the trees across a river.  So thankful for that river.  I really didn’t want to get eaten.

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 048-2

Black Bears!

We saw at least five black bears.  They would just be walking on the side of the road munching on plants, the same way other animals do.  They were completely unconcerned by the people nearby.

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 210

Just out for a quick stroll and a snack!

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 027

Baby Black Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This baby black bear was the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen.  It was so tiny and adorable.  And I was standing like fifteen feet from it.  Aaaaaaah!  (And the mama bear didn’t seem to care at all that a bunch of people were near her cub.  Weird…)

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 026

Is your heart melting yet?

What’s that?  You want me to get a little closer?  Well, it will get a little blurry, but okay.

Spirit-Island-Icefields-Parkway 026-2

The Hoary Marmot

It’s a bit silly looking, but I was really proud that I spotted this guy all on my own while we were hiking.  You’re probably thinking, “What’s a hoary marmot?”  Yeah, I’m still kind of thinking that, even though I googled it.

Moraine-Louise-Plain-of-Six-Glaciers 265

Here it is looking even sillier.

Moraine-Louise-Plain-of-Six-Glaciers 266


Last but not least, Mr. Whale and I became slightly obsessed with the squirrels of Canada.  They’re different from the squirrels we have here.  A lot of them have markings like a chipmunk.  And they are not shy.  I’m pretty sure some of them were actually posing for the camera.

Johnston-Canyon-Falls-Ink-Pots 011

Try to tell me this squirrel isn’t posing.

Moraine-Louise-Plain-of-Six-Glaciers 081

And this one was just adorable.  Love those squirrels!

Moraine-Louise-Plain-of-Six-Glaciers 163

And that’s our honeymoon!  Up next, I’ve got some tips for those of you planning a honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies.


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