The Post-Wedding CHOP!

Y’all, my hair got way too long in this wedding planning process.  Mrs. Palm Tree thought she had long hair.  No. (Sorry, Mrs. Palm Tree. I had no plans to call you out.  You just posted your PWC right before me.)


My hair is/was completely out of control.  For the last several months, we’ve been singing Dashboard Confessional while we clean the apartment, because it’s just. so. true.

No one argued with me when I said it was time for a hair cut.  Even Mr. Whale (who was so excited for me to grow my hair out) was all, “I am not going to miss it. Go get it cut. ASAP.”  When your man is no longer down for your long hair, your hair has officially gotten way too long.

So a few days after we returned from our honeymoon, I made an appointment to get my hair chopped off.  I also decided to donate it, because… I have enough hair to donate.  I want to send my hair to someone who needs it, because I have way too much.  For all you ladies in the Silver Spring, MD area, there’s a salon called Alchemy that offers 50% off a haircut if you donate your hair.  But don’t go unless you’re donating, because the non-discounted price for my haircut was $77 (yowsa!).

Now, I don’t just have hair.  I have a hair style!


How about a sassy side pic?


I am sooooo excited to be rid of my crazy long hair!!  Truthfully, I think I’m going to grow it a little and aim for a little below shoulder length.  But, I’m so excited to not have hair that attacks me in my sleep and covers our home.

Who else couldn’t wait for their post-wedding chop??


2 thoughts on “The Post-Wedding CHOP!

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