I Whale Always Love You: We Travel

After having all of my underwear stolen, there was nothing I wanted more than… a ten hour drive!  (Long drives are kind of recurring theme in our life.  Remember the one we unexpectedly had to make on our honeymoon?)

When you have a destination wedding, the whole thing gets dragged out into a very long process that’s more like a wedding week than a wedding weekend.  Personally, I loved it.  But it did mean we had some uncomfortable stuff to get through before we could get to the fun stuff.

So first off, that ten hour drive to Atlanta.  About twenty minutes into our drive, we realized that neither of us had looked at the listed I had posted on the door titled, “Stuff we cannot forget to bring.”  When we couldn’t remember what was on the list, we turned around.  Of course, we had everything on the list.  Whoops.  Make that drive 10.5 hours.

That was Wednesday. On Thursday, we started off with my final dress fitting.  Once the dress was on, the seamstress was shocked that she needed to take the dress in on both sides (so was I!).  But, what can you do.  She pinned me, and I left the shop.

Ten minutes later, I got a call. “Erin, you forgot to put the bra on with your dress. Can you come back?”  Whoops. So I went back.  And the dress fit and didn’t need to be taken in.  It just needed a few tiny things done.  Yay!


There she is, in her giant bag. My beautiful Constance.

After more errands (hair cuts for both of us!), some food (Moe’s!), it was back to the dress boutique to get my dress.  And finally, back to our hotel.


Give me five minutes, and I’ll wreck any hotel room.

I was basically done with my wedding planning at this point, so I was ready to play some KenKen on my phone and get some sleep.   Unfortunately, Mr. Whale did not have all of his wedding responsibilities done.  He kind of left some stuff to the last minute… Mainly, he intended to record a song he wrote for me so that he could play it during the ceremony. (Yes, I snagged a romantic one. Go ahead and be jealous.)  Long story short – he did manage to get it recorded before we traveled to Atlanta, but Mr. Whale stayed up until probably 3:30 or 4:00am both Wednesday and Thursday nights mixing the song!

The moral of this story?  Bring earplugs.  I wore them literally every night leading up to the wedding. They were a lifesaver!

Before we knew it, it was Friday morning and time to head up to Blairsville to get our marriage license and then get married!


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  • My underwear was nabbed by the underwear bandit.

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