I Whale Always Love You: We Rehearse and I Make Stupid Faces

After reading a gazillion wedding blogs, one thing always stood out in my mind: emotions are crazy during the time surrounding your wedding.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I would experience (anxiety-induced tears? overwhelming excitement?  exhaustion?).  It turns out that I experienced quite a few different emotions.  When I think back on the whole experience, I can remember very clearly my emotion at each point in time.  Before the rehearsal, it was zen-like calm and efficiency.

Our rehearsal was scheduled for 4:30pm.  Here’s how the afternoon progressed.

2:45 – Mr. Whale and I depart Southern Tree Plantation for the cabin so I can shower and attempt to make myself presentable for our rehearsal.  We’re running twenty to thirty minutes late, but I feel confident I can get ready in time.  I might have even done a little singing in the shower.

3:30 – The curling iron is in my hair when I hear Mike, our friend and officiant say to Mr. Whale, “So what exactly happens at a rehearsal?”  Instead of panicking, I chuckle while I listen to Mr. Whale explain that Mike is supposed to lead the rehearsal.

3:45 – Bridesmaid K calls to ask for directions to the venue.  She and her parents have just arrived in town.  I summon my bride powers and delegate. “Can you call Leah?” I said. “I’m pretty busy.”  (I could seriously get used to delegating.  I was pretty good at it by the end of the weekend.)

3:57 – Mr. Whale comes into our room and says, “I kind of wanted to take a shower before the rehearsal.”  (Time management really isn’t his strongest skill.) I really want to say, “What the heck have you been doing for an hour??”  But then I remember that we’re the stars of this show, and they can’t start without us.  (Plus, Mr. Whale did have to explain the whole rehearsal thing to Mike while I just giggled.)  So instead I just say, “Well then, you’d better get in.”

4:15 – I am completely ready.  And let the record state that Mr. Whale was still in the bathroom fixing his hair.

4:27 – Wedding zen is starting to fade.  I mean, in theory they can’t have the rehearsal without us.  But… we actually do need to have a rehearsal.  I run around the cabin yelling for everyone to get in their cars.

4:40 – We arrive at Southern Tree Plantation, miraculously only ten minutes late!

Once we finally made it to the rehearsal, Andrea, our coordinator, was waiting for us and had a game plan ready to go.  She’s a pro. Seriously.  She sent the wedding party down to the ceremony site so they could mingle without distracting us, and then she went through all of the details with us: who’s standing where? who’s sitting where? who’s ushering who in? who’s doing the music?  Andrea had thought of everything.  When everything was settled, we headed down to the ceremony site, where we were greeted with this:


So perfect.  I will never get over that view.

We ran through the whole ceremony.  Mike did an excellent job of leading the rehearsal, especially considering that an hour before he’d had no idea what happens at a rehearsal.

Wedding-Week 008

Mr. Whale occasionally made motions like in the next picture when he disagreed with something we’d said.  (For instance, Mr. Whale insisted that the guys didn’t need to leave after the ceremony was over.  I guess he just wanted them to kind of trickle out randomly.  I don’t know.  We eventually convinced him that they had to leave and that they could just walk out after the girls.)

Wedding-Week 002

I suppose you might be thinking, “Is Blue Whale holding an umbrella.”  Well, the answer is, “No, I’m not. It’s a parasol.” 🙂  I spent all spring trying super hard not to get any crazy tan lines on my shoulders so that they wouldn’t show up in my wedding photos.  I wasn’t about to ruin everything at the rehearsal.  So I brought a parasol.  It was awesome.

Wedding-Week 003

Once we got everything with the ceremony figured out, we practiced the recessional and then turned right back around to do the processional!

Wedding-Week 012

I daresay I was actually more emotional at this point than I was on my actual wedding day.  I think it’s because I hadn’t prepared myself for it.  As I rounded the corner to come down the aisle, I almost lost it.  I saw Mr. Whale standing there, and it hit me that we were really going to do this.  To cover for my emotions, I made some stupid faces.

Wedding-Week 013


And then we were done!  We sent everyone off to the BBQ so I could ask Andrea some last minute questions, and then we made our way out ourselves.

Mr. Whale and I pulled up to our rehearsal/welcome BBQ without a clue as to what to expect.  I had left the BBQ planning entirely up to Mr. Whale’s dad and stepmom.  And… they totally rocked it.

The first thing we saw was this.


It’s awesome, because Matt and I are both musicians 🙂  It’s also awesome, because I just expected our BBQ to be a bunch of people at picnic tables with some BBQ. I was blown away to find an amazing banner.  And the tables had been decorated with super cute bright-colored runners and miniature buckets of candy and nuts.  (Mr. Whale’s stepmom informed me that she based the color of the decorations off of my leg-warmers from our Save the Date’s! How awesome is that!)

We mingled, ate delcious bbq (and peach cobbler!), and then got up for a few minutes to thank our parents and our wedding party.


Look at all those people who came out to celebrate with us! I felt so loved!

It was absolutely perfect.  We wrapped everything up around 9:00pm, and I headed back out to the venue for a few last minute finishing touches on the decorations.  And then, it was finally time for bed.  Or so I thought…

Did anyone else experience wedding zen? Wasn’t it awesome.


If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here.  Previously…


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