I Whale Always Love You: Ambien-Induced Moaning

After a busy day of setting up, rehearsing, BBQ-ing, and more setting up, I was exhausted.  I returned to the cabin around 11:00pm, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  But, I had promised Mr. Whale I would do a few things for him.  Namely, I had promised to cut out the cardstock that was designated for our vows into the shape of a manatee.  (Yes, we’re strange.  I know.  And I promise that our obsession with manatees is simultaneously more rational than you think and also probably even weirder than you think.)


The templates. Mr. Whale drew, and I cut.

After cutting out the manatees, we rehearsed the ring exchange one more time. (When you’re officiant is spending the night in the same place as you, you can have a little extra rehearsal.)  And then, I finally got in the shower.  Ashley, my fab hair stylist, instructed me to wash and dry my hair the night before.  I reeeeeally didn’t want to, because I was so tired.  The whole time I was in the shower, I just wanted to sleep.  After the shower, I knew I needed to dry my hair, but I just wanted to sleep.  But, of course, I also wanted my hair to look good the next day so I got out the blowdryer and dried my hair, all the while cursing the fact that my hair was ridiculously long.

Finally, at about 1:30am, it was time for bed.  Just for good measure, I took half an Ambien (I got a prescription a couple weeks before the wedding and tested it out to make sure it didn’t make me groggy) and a melatonin and fell into bed. Where I proceeded to lie awake.  Grrrrrr.  After about a half hour, I texted Mr. Whale (who was in the next room doing his own last minute preparations), and he came in to snuggle for a few minutes to help me relax.  He eventually had to leave, and I still wasn’t asleep, so around 2:30 I took the other half of my Ambien and another melatonin and crossed my fingers.  Thankfully, it worked.

It may have worked a little too well.  Upon waking the next morning, Mr. Whale informed me that when he came to bed, I was half-snoring/half-moaning.  Yes, moaning.  And, I was sleeping on my back, which I never do.  He said it creeped him out a bit.  Go me.  I managed to scare my future husband the night before our wedding. Win.

But who cares.  I slept, and that is a freaking miracle.  With a relatively full night’s sleep under my belt, I was ready to start the best day ever!


If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here.  Previously…


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