I Whale Always Love You: I’m Scatterbrained and the Girls Get Gifts

I truthfully don’t remember waking up the morning of the wedding.  My mind must have been all over the place, because the next day I discovered an e-mail I had sent to myself at 9:37am with the subject “Send thank-you notes for graduation gifts”.  I literally have no memory of thinking about this or of writing the e-mail.  Clearly, my focus was a bit scattered.


What I do remember is that I had no worries.  I had gotten at least six hours of sleep, which was way better than I had anticipated.  Mr. Whale was waking up next to me and giving me a good laugh as he informed me of my ambien-induced moaning during the night.  Even when he told me that Ashley, who would be doing my hair, had spent the whole night sick and left her house in Atlanta two hours later than she intended, I just said, “It’s fine. We’ll make it work.”

Armed with four pairs of shoes, two robes, three bags of make-up, two hair flowers, seven pairs of tights (can you tell I was a little indecisive about my accessories?), and a bag full of more random crap, I bounded out the door on my way to the bridesmaids’ cabin.

It wasn’t until I was on my way over that I realized I hadn’t taken a shower.  …But then I thought, “I took one at 1:00am last night. I’m clean enough.”  (TMI? Maybe.)

At the cabin, we lazily got to work.  I started my make-up, which I had intended to do after my hair, but since Ashley was still two hours away, I figured I would just switch up the plan.

At some point, I decided I should eat something.  One of the biggest surprises of my wedding day was that I was not hungry.  Not like, “I can wait to eat. I don’t feel too hungry.”  No, this was a lack of hunger of the, “Food is disgusting, so don’t make me eat it” variety.  I choked down a bagel with cream cheese, because I knew I needed to eat.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

We hung out on the porch of the cabin for a while.


No one else was suffering from lack of appetite 🙂

After some relaxing, I realized I hadn’t given the girls their gifts!!  Thanks to some input from the hive, I settled on four items for each girl: a scarf, earrings, a personalized hanger, and a painted mug.


I was really surprised by how much the girls loved their hangers.  In fact, they all decided to not get dressed before heading to the venue, so that we could get photos of their dresses on the hangers once we got there.  DIY success!!  The scarves were also a hit.  I somehow forgot to take a picture of them, but they were a coral ombre chevron pattern. (Talk about putting all the trends in one place!)  Each girl got a different pair of earrings from one of my favorite etsy sellers, Holly Sokol.

And my personal favorite were the mugs.  I spent allllll day one weekend painting these bad boys at a paint-your-own pottery place.  Each of my three bridesmaids got a similar mug but with different colors for each girl.


I was so in love with that rainbow handle.  I totally didn’t want to give it away.  MOH Leah got a goblet instead of a mug.


 I pictured her drinking milk out of it while she relaxed in the tub.  And sure enough, a week after the wedding, I got a text saying, “I’m having milk and cookies in the tub with my maid of honor glass!” We know each other so well 🙂

I was so happy that the girls liked their gifts.  I really wanted each of them to know how much they mean to me.  We continued to chat and giggle a bit as we got back to getting ready.  Pretty soon, I got a call from Ashley, letting me know she was lost and needed directions to the cabin.  Happy that she was near, I headed outside in my robe to flag her down.


If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here.  Previously…


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