I Whale Always Love You: Let’s Get Started

Once my hair was all finished, Ashley had a few minutes to spare, and so she asked if any of the bridesmaids wanted their hair done.  (Have I mentioned before that Ashley is awesome??) One of the downsides of having a destination wedding in the middle of nowhere is that we were all kind of terrified to go to a random salon for an up-do.  I mean, for all I know, there was an awesome stylist in Blairsville, GA.  But after a horrifyingly bad up-do that happened at the wedding of one of my bridesmaids (the “stylist” put my hair in hot rollers and then pinned it up in less than five minutes… and then shellacked it to my head so that I couldn’t fix it at all), I wasn’t about to send my bridesmaids to some random salon.  So they all planned to do their own hair.

But a couple of them hadn’t really wanted to do their own hair, so it was a godsend that Ashley finished with me a bit early.  She whipped up some fabulous hair on two girls in less than thirty minutes.  (And I have no pictures… I am a terrible blogger.)

At this point, it was time to go!  I thought I had scheduled waaaaaaay too much time for my hair and make-up (I gave myself three and a half hours), but it was 2:45, and I had planned on leaving the cabin at 2:30.  So we quickly figured out how on earth we were going to get all of us and all of our stuff to the site, and then we were off.

Wait, no. There was one more step.  Right before Ashley drove off, I remembered that we hadn’t put my veil on.  So I stooped down on the steps, she slipped it in, and then I carefully made my way to the car while holding the veil.

Let me tell you something.  No one warned me that getting around all day while trying to control a veil that is taller than me would be difficult.  But every step of the way, I would trip over the veil.  Or I would remember that I should carry it.  Or it would blow in the wind and try to attack anyone standing near me.  The first test of the day was getting the veil and me in the car without incident.

MOH Leah rode with me, and everyone else was in another car, because my dress took up the entire backseat. (Ballgowns FTW.)  Getting in with my veil took some coordination.  Leah got in the passenger seat first.  Then I passed my veil in from the driver’s side.  Then, I carefully sat down without pulling the veil out.  And finally, we were off!!


MOH Leah captured this moment.

No fancy transportation for us.  Independent woman here drove herself to the wedding. (Okay, let’s be real. This independent woman didn’t have the cash for fancy transportation.)

All I remember of the fifteen minute drive that followed is that I rambled on and on (and on) about completely random stuff.  Poor Leah.  I turn into a big chatty cathy when I get nervous.  But pretty soon, we were making our way into the parking lot of Southern Tree Plantation.  Brenda (our photographer), Brenda’s second shooter, and Edwin (our videographer) were already there and set up and ready to go.

Our Wedding!!! 177

I took a few minutes to take in how beautiful the venue was and admire how awesome everything had turned out  am so glad Brenda took some beautiful shots of the ceremony site and some of the details around the venue, because I was too wrapped up in the craziness to take notice of them.

Our Wedding!!! 006

My favorite sign! So proud of this one.

Check out the bubbles in this next one.  Mama Whale brought her bubble machine!

Our Wedding!!! 277

The whole time was so surreal.  Edwin was already doing his thing capturing every moment on film.  We had actually never spoken except via e-mail, and things were so crazy that I literally didn’t even introduce myself.  I mean, I knew who he was because I recognized him, and he knew who I was (the only one wearing a veil… probably the bride).  I just smiled and carried on with the insanity.

Our Wedding!!! 007

MOH Leah and I unloaded the car (omg I brought so much stuff).  I tried really hard not to flash anyone while simultaneously carrying my bags inside and trying not to let my veil drag the ground. (Robes looks so cute in pictures, but they really aren’t meant for anything more than lounging.  Luckily, I think everyone was spared a glimpse of my polka dot undies.)

Once inside, we all looked at each each like, “What are we supposed to do now?”  Then we all took a collective deep breath and realized it was time to really get started.  The girls grabbed their dresses and started to put them on.

But before we could really get started, I yelled, “Wait!! The whole reason you all didn’t get dressed beforehand was so we could get a picture of the dresses and the hangers before you put them on.”  So we backed it up a little bit and got everything ready for the photos.

Those dresses deserve a little showcase of their own.  So coming up next, the girls get dressed!

*All photos by the ridiculously awesome Brenda Upton Photography, unless otherwise noted.


If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here.  Previously…


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