I Whale Always Love You: Bridesmaids in the Spotlight

Leading up to the wedding, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d made the right choice about my bridesmaids dresses.  I decided to have each girl choose their own dress in any shade of bright warm pink as long as it was around knee length.  I loved the choice each girl had made separately, but I am so bad an envisioning the final product that I just wasn’t sure if it would all come together.

Good news. It all worked!


Our Wedding!!! 016

Try to ignore all the crap everywhere. I tried to prevent it, but this room was the size of shoebox.

Try and pretend like the room isn’t icky green.  I’m not really sure who decided that was a great idea for a bridal room, but whatevs.  The dresses are gorgeous together.

Can we take a moment and appreciate that they all have different necklines.  Seriously, I couldn’t have planned that if I tried.  There’s one-shoulder, strapless, halter-ish, and regular straps.  I thought it was awesome that they were all so different but they managed to look cohesive.

Our Wedding!!! 017

Edwin got capture in the reflection of the second mirror! So many mirrors!

And of course we had to get up close and personal with the hangers that I made for each girl.

Our Wedding!!! 008

And then, it was finally time for the girls to get dressed (because after they were dressed, I could get dressed!).  As the girls started to step into their dressed, I suddenly remembered something very important.

I yelled, “You guys!! I’m supposed to pee before I put on my dress!!”  (It was a very classy moment.)  But seriously, don’t forget to pee before you put on your dress.  You just don’t know when you’ll get another chance 🙂

I ran up to the reception site (the only place with a bathroom) and did my thing.

Our Wedding!!! 036

Miss Blue Whale returning from her last bathroom break. Very poignant.

When I returned, the girls were dressed and beautiful.  They were gathering their bouquets, and we were all so pumped about how gorgeous those paper flowers turned out.

bridesmaid bouquets!

And it was time!!! Time for the most second most anticipated moment of the day: time to put on my dress!!


If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here.  Previously…


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