I Whale Always Love You: My True Love

Waaaaaay back in the day when Mr. Whale and I were not engaged, I can remember a very specific evening.  We were at a friend’s party on the rooftop of their apartment building.  Mr. Whale and I were madly in love and discussing the possibility of marriage.  To my surprise, Mr. Whale said that he didn’t know if he ever wanted to get married.  Naturally, I objected.  I told him I wanted to get married one day.   And I remember his response very clearly.  Mr. Whale turned to me with a little smile and said, “You just want to wear a big white dress and have a party, don’t you?”

Mr. Whale knows me so well 🙂  All I really wanted in life was a big poofy white dress.  We both eventually decided to marry for love and not just so I could wear a fantastic white dress for a day.  But luckily, the white dress still comes with day.

Our Wedding!!! 014

Second to marrying Mr. Whale, my dress was my absolute favorite thing about my wedding day.  I know that may sound crazy.  But… I guess that means I’m crazy.

For those that want to know, she’s Constance by Lis Simon.  I’d love to say that I fell in love with her the minute I saw her, but honestly, that just wasn’t the case.  I tried her on only because my mother insisted that a natural waist dress would be perfect for me.  So at every shop, I picked out at least one natural waist dress to appease her 🙂  I never dreamed that I would actually buy one!  And this, ladies, is why you should never dismiss a dress before trying it on.

I also feel that I should admit that I actually had a little bit of dress regret (really, it was more like dress uncertainty).  Now that I look back, I think, “What could you be uncertain about?? The dress is perfect!”  I was worried it might be too heavy. (That girl is ten pounds of chiffon!)  I was worried that I would be too hot. (Not a problem.)  I was worried that I should have picked a dropped waist to look sexier.  (The dress is fabulous. I don’t know what I was thinking with that one.)  But really, I think we should just accept that many brides have dress regret to some degree.  I’m here to tell you that it happened, I got past it, and I had the dress of my dreams for my wedding.

When it came time to put her on, I was so SO excited.  First, I gazed at her a bit.

Our Wedding!!! 010

Then I hung her on the wall and fluffed her up for a little photo shoot.

Our Wedding!!! 012

And before I knew it, it was time to put her on.  At this point, I made a game time decision that I had been contemplating for several months.  I reeeeally didn’t want those green walls in all of the photos where I’m getting into my dress, especially because my dress was so important to me.  But where else could we go?  Hmmm… how about outside!  I asked Brenda if she thought it would be okay to get dressed outside, and she confirmed the light would be way better out there, so out we went!

Our Wedding!!! 039

I was absolutely giddy with excitement.  And it didn’t hurt that everyone kept saying, “Wow. Your dress is so gorgeous.”  I felt like I was on top of the world.

Being a bit of a shy person, I really didn’t want to flash the world as I pulled the dress on.  Here’s what I did.  Luckily, I was able to step into my dress. (I can’t imagine it I’d had to pull it over my head!!)  I pulled everything up beneath my robe.  Then I lost the robe, got my bra off, and I was set. No flashing involved! I tried not to do the awkward boob grab, but I’m not really sure I succeeded in looking less-awkward.

Our Wedding!!! 040

And somewhere in here, I realized, “I forgot that damn bra again!”  (Remember that time that I thought I needed to have alterations done to my dress, but it turns out I actually just put the dress on without the bra?  Yeah, it happened again.)

Our Wedding!!! 042

I ran back inside and found the bra, somehow managed to get it on my body, and then we resumed photo-taking like nothing had happened.

Our Wedding!!! 044

Did I mention I was excited about my dress?  Let’s get a close-up of that face.

Our Wedding!!! 043

Officially all gussied up, I headed inside to touch up my lipstick and powder.  The girls stood around me and pretended to fluff my dress.  The poses were staged, but the excitement is real!

Our Wedding!!! 048

Doesn’t it look like they’re actually doing something?? Amazing.

Our Wedding!!! 049

I took one last glance in the mirror, and it was time to head out for portraits with the girls.

Our Wedding!!! 045

God, I loved my dress.  I intend to put it back on at least once every year.  In fact, it just arrived back from the cleaners, so I may just go ahead and put it on now 😉

* All photos by the crazy awesome Brenda Upton Photography


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