I Whale Always Love You: So. Much. Fun.

Once we were all dressed, the girls and I headed outside to take a few pictures.

Our Wedding!!! 081

And boy, did we have fun.  My girls are the best.

Our Wedding!!! 149

I found those super cute white sunglasses on Amazon.  My girls adored them.  I had kept them a surprise from everyone but my MOH. (She had to help me pick the right pair!)  When I opened the box and handed them out before our photo-taking extravaganza, bridesmaid Rachael’s jaw dropped.  With extreme excitement and shock, she gasped, “Are these for us?!? Do we get to keep them??”  It’s the little things, folks.

The sunglasses ended up making many more appearances throughout the day and night.  Success!

Our Wedding!!! 145

The sunglasses were also a good excuse to make kissy faces (a close cousin of the duck face).

Our Wedding!!! 137

When we’d had our fill of the sunglasses, I let Brenda work her magic.  And she did.

Our Wedding!!! 093

I don’t think I made any bridesmaid photo requests except for the sunglasses.  Brenda just busted out her skillz and took some ridiculously awesome photos.  And let me tell you, I had no idea that this awesomeness was taking place while we were there.  I was blown away when I got our photos.  Sometimes you’ve just got to let your photographer do what they do best.  She saw an opportunity and ran with it.

Our Wedding!!! 097

Looking at these photos reminds me all over again how incredibly lucky I am to have had such fabulous friends surrounding me on my wedding day.  It wasn’t hard at all to keep smiling.  That’s all I wanted to do!

Our Wedding!!! 098

At some point, we were having a great time, but my veil decided to start attacking everyone.

Our Wedding!!! 108

I’m trying to catch it as it blows straight for their faces.

Brenda took this opportunity to try and get us in position to take one of those super cute pictures where all the bridesmaids are under the bride’s veil.  I, unfortunately, mostly ruined that opportunity.  Look at my ridiculous face in this otherwise awesome photo.

Our Wedding!!! 109

Whoops.  You win some, you lose some. This next one is almost Pinterest-worthy, until you catch a glimpse of Kim out on the far right being attacked.

Our Wedding!!! 111

Some photos are just hard to recreate.  But it was fun and hilarious, so it was worth it.

For our last adventure of the afternoon, we headed for the swings!  I, of course, wanted to stand on one.  This turned out to be way more difficult than I thought in my ten-pound wedding dress.

Our Wedding!!! 178

I lasted about ten seconds before my arms were quaking from the strength it took to hold me and the dress in the swing.  (Why was it so hard?? I still don’t know.)  I decided to just stand in the middle and let the girls do all the work after that.

Our Wedding!!! 183

They did a much better job of swinging than I had.

Our Wedding!!! 184

We snagged one more photo, and then it was off to blissful air conditioning for the girls and time for me to take a few solo photos!

*All photos by the super duper amazing Brenda Upton Photography.

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